Culture Guide :: bespoke vampires, fresh artistic meat and Yoko Ono…

November 11th 2013

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Hibernation’s over… Thanks to daylight savings there are hours of daylight after work!

But what to do, WHAT TO DO? When you’ve got The Z Factor and Please Date My Horribly Awkward Son doubling up on TV, how could you possibly consider heading back outside?! Luckily, we’re keeping our eyes out to bring you the best, brightest, and usually cheapest stuff on the Sydney arts and culture scene.

So when the lure of going pants-less in front of reality TV threatens to maroon you on the shores of mediocrity, FBi’s culture guide has got you sorted…


Mon 11th :: Enjoy a bite with classic Dracula action

Before they had ponytails and shimmered in the sunshine, vampires wore evening wear and capes. They were dapper and weren’t afraid to show a little blood dripping from the ol’ fangs. Take a trip back to the days of classic vampires, with Christopher Lee as the bloodsucker and Peter Cushing as Van Helsing, tonight at the Chauvel with ‘The Horror of Dracula’.

WHAT: Chauvel Cinémathèque – The Horror of Dracula

WHERE: The Chauvel Cinema, cnr Oxford St and Oatley Rd, Paddington

WHEN: 6.30 pm

HOW MUCH: $20 Mini Membership (4 screenings/ + bring 1 guest along to one screening)


Tues 12th :: Meet the freshest, meatiest Sydney designers

Fresh Meat is a group of just-graduated designers offering up their work before the world attempts to corrupt their ideals. They’ll be exhibiting their neophyte offerings and saying hi over drinks and a bbq. Plus they’ll be giving all profits from the sale of their works to the Australian Red Cross for those affected by the NSW Bushfires. What a bunch of Champions!

WHAT: Fresh Meat

WHERE: Black Penny Bar, 648 Bourke St Redfern

WHEN: 6.00 pm



Wed 13th :: Explore the journey, not the destination

‘To The Sea’ is the story behind the story of photographers Narelle Autio and Trent Parke’s journey around Australia. The trip proved transformative for both artists lives, seeing the birth of their first child as well as the gestation of several shows. In this show they present an inside perspective on the taking of the journey where “their works reflect on the nature of subjectivity: our intensely unique and private observations of the world”.

WHAT: To The Sea

WHERE: Stills Gallery, 36 Gosbell Street, Paddington

WHEN: 6.00-8.00 pm (exhibition runs until 21st Dec)



Dream/Life and Beyond – Trent Parke

Thurs 14th :: Not your average stretches…

Future Sounds of Yoga takes traditional yoga moves and freeform dance and mixes it to electronic and atmospheric sounds. Tonights event takes place amidst the serenity of Paddington Uniting Church’s sandstone arches. This is definitely not downward dog done to whale songs!

WHAT: Future Sounds of Yoga

WHERE: Paddington Uniting Church, 395 Oxford St, Paddington

WHEN: 7.00pm (doors open at 6.30)

HOW MUCH: $30 Pre-book


Fri 15th :: The Expressive world of Yoko Ono

Some people know her as the woman who broke up the Beatles* but Yoko Ono has been (according to John Lennon) “the world’s most famous unknown artist” for more than forty years. From Fluxus through to today Ono has worked across mediums promoting expression as well as political activism and peace. This exhibition presents her work across a range of instillations, talks and hands on activities.

*…besides, if she hadn’t broken up the band would Thomas the Tank Engine have been quite as good?!


WHERE: Museum of Contemporary Art, 140 George St, The Rocks

WHEN: 10am – 5pm daily

HOW MUCH: $19.90 Adults ($14.80 conc) 

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