Culture Guide August 28 – September 3: Not Just Fun and Games, Metropolis + Bird, Wind, Box

August 28th 2017
Monday 28th August

Green Asylum

Charlotte Haywood’s architectural tapestry and video works tell stories within the Australian landscape seeking narrative and language from the past, present and future. Her work is influenced by ephemeral, temporary and sacred shelters, specifically the structures of Indigenous Australia, Asia, Euro-centric steeples and refugee tents from which she creates multi-threaded and multi-narrative architectural forms.

WHAT: Art Exhibition
WHEN: 11am-4pm
WHERE: Australian Design Centre, Darlinghurst
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Tuesday 29th August


The series of photographic images by Armando Chant proposes an encounter with the liminal image in construction. There is an exploration and interaction with the blurred boundaries between the real and imaginatively unreal and images that are in a process of slow and gradual emergence.

WHAT: Art Exhibition
WHEN: 10am-6pm
WHERE: Black Eye Gallery, Darlinghurst
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Wednesday 30th August

Not Just Fun and Games

Destiny Deacon is an artist, performer and political activist and has exhibited nationally and internationally since 1990. Deacon describes herself as ‘just an old-fashioned political artist’, and her several careers as performer, academic and activist reflect the complexity of this role.

WHAT: Art Exhibition Opening
WHEN: 6-8pm
WHERE: Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery,
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Tokyo Style Girl Boss: Alisa Ueno

From model to fashion designer, Alisa Ueno pioneered ‘Neo-Gal’, Tokyo’s new fashion genre based on her original style. In this talk with emerging local creative talent Sarah Lim, Alisa will discuss her fashion career and the Tokyo’s changing trends from the eyes of a Tokyo native. This talk is part of the Tokyo FRUiTS event series, featuring talks, a film and an exhibition.

WHAT: Artist Talk
WHEN: 6:30-8pm
WHERE: Japan Foundation Sydney
HOW MUCH: Free RSVP, more info

Oh, Honey

Reclaim the Night + Freda’s presents: OH HONEY – A Night Celebrating the Power of Women/NB in the Arts
Featuring female-identifying/experiencing DJs and artists. Held at one of Sydney’s most iconic venues; Freda’s Chippendale, it’ll be a night of glitter, music, and smashing the patriarchy!

WHAT: Art Exhibition + DJ set
WHEN: 6pm-12am
WHERE: Freda’s, Chippendale (107-109 Regent St)
HOW MUCH: $5 entry, more info

The Future of the Past

In The Future of the Past, Gary Carsley brings more than two decades of experience with realising intricate room based installations to the challenge of contaminating Galerie pompom with an ensemble of domestically scaled wall works. Central to this is a large exploded still life in which concerns around biological diversity are linked to the collapse of cultural plurality and the emergence of pervasive monocultures.

WHAT: Art Exhibition Opening
WHEN: 6-8pm
WHERE: Galerie Pompom, Chippendale
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Thursday 31st August


Dan Schneiger observes the increasing separation between how we design architecture and make art. As a response to this growing divide, Dan was compelled to make things with his hands that were architectural while consciously denying the impact of computers and conformance to the contemporary design process. His work is an exploration of the symbiosis between art and architecture and the tension between technology and handcraft.

WHAT: Art Exhibition
WHEN: 6-8pm
WHERE: Becker Minty, Sydney
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

September at Verge Opening Night : Can't Touch Thisd

Can’t Touch This – ba nah nah nah, ba nah, ba nah – Can’t Touch this

Verge Gallery brings together the work of ten contemporary Australian Artists in their exhibition ‘Can’t Touch This’. The artists aim to re-write the language of textiles in art by combining different textile making techniques like crochet, knitting and patchwork with painting and sculpture. The exhibition articulately addresses issues ranging from gender and sexuality to colonisation and cultural constructs in contemporary Australia.

WHAT: Can’t Touch This exhibition

WHEN:  6pm, with curator introduction at 5:30pm. Exhibition on until 30th September

WHERE: Verge Gallery

HOW MUCH: Free. More info here.

This is your Black Life - Kodie Vs Bjorn

Have you ever quit a job because of racism? Is white privilege a thing? Should a teabag be left in or out of a cup? Two member of Indigenous arts collective Cope ST, Bjorn Stewart and Kodie Bedford, will attempt to answer these hard hitting questions and lots more! Covering topics such as the arts, Indigenous politics and social issues, Bjorn and Kodie user a mix of video and live performance to reveal secret lives of each member of this Indigenous arts collective. In an absurd, insightful and comedic night where no topic is off limits, the Glebe Library becomes the stage for a monthly does of Redfern gossip.


WHAT: This is your Black Life

WHEN: 8pm

WHERE: Glebe Library

HOW MUCH: Free. More info here.

Danny Morse: Stoned

A river stone from Northern NSW is the star of this exhibition but not in a way you may expect. Danny Morse has used found stone and transforms them into sporting memorabilia, AFL ball, baseballs, you name it! They’re meticulously painted in acrylic, everything from the stitching to the logos, almost to the point of the absurd. Morse lurches between serious and kitsch with works that are clearly humourous, with wonderful puns like Rocky I and Rocky II, Roundball Rock and Sherrin Stone. The quickness of the human games is pointless in the long history of geology, and Morse comments on the purposefulness of the fast-paced contemporary lifestyle, painting onto something that will last for centuries.


WHAT: Stoned, Danny Morse exhibition

WHEN: 6pm

WHERE: Chalk House, Darlinghurst

HOW MUCH: Free. More info here.

Friday 1st September

WAS Printed

A fresh new collective invites you to see the work we have been making together this year. It includes a range of traditional printmaking techniques and some courageous experiments. You’ll see work by Callum Agnew, Stella Chen, Rinaldo Hartanto, Judith Harvey, Robert Ives, Alexandra Mitchell, Jack Nibbs, Jessica Raymond, Anna Russell and Olivia Wilson.

WHAT: Art Exhibition Opening
WHEN: 6-8pm
WHERE: The Corner Gallery, Stanmore
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Saturday 2nd September

Bird, Wind, Box

Kushana Bush’s meticulously detailed gouache, pencil and gold paintings on paper are littered with allusions to Mughal and Persian miniature traditions, Japanese ukiyo-e, as well as medieval European art history. Blending religious symbolism with secular narratives her ‘worlds’ often manifest in ritualistic violence.

WHAT: Art Exhibition Opening
WHEN: 6-8pm
WHERE: Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Sunday 3rd September

Fracture: Differences

Fracture: Differences is a visual conversation between architectural photographer Shannon McGrath and digital craftsperson Marcus Piper. The exhibition explores the interplay of light in abstract spatial environments.

WHAT: Art Exhibition
WHEN: 11am-4pm
WHERE: Australian Design Centre, Darlinghurst
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

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