Culture Guide August 21 – 27: The Space Of The Biomedical Body, L’étranger + The Statement Makers X Marisa Mu

August 24th 2017
Monday 21st August

The Comedy Lounge - Tom Cashman, Umit Bali & mates

Voted Comedy Lounge best boy most likely to win at comedy two years on the trot now, Tom Cashman closes the show this week. He always bloody kills it and it’s about time he got to headline so here he is. He’s very funny and disarmingly cheeky.

WHAT: Comedy Show
WHEN: 7-10pm
WHERE: The Comedy Lounge Sydney, Surry Hills
HOW MUCH: $10, more info

Tuesday 22nd August

Symposium - The Space of the Biomedical Body

The Space of the Biomedical Body Symposium will investigate the intersections of contemporary art and medical science practice within and around the biomedical body. Bringing together artists, curators, researchers and scientists, this cross-disciplinary symposium will focus on the dynamic research, creative potentials, emotions and challenges inherent in working with live human materialities.

WHAT: Art Exhibition
WHEN: Wednesday 23rd August, 11am-1pm
WHERE: Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Casula
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Wednesday 23rd August (ArVOTE for Marriage Equality)

Mirror Mirror Ball

The MIRROR MIRROR Ball is an immersive and interactive experience where art, vogue, music, and fashion collide. Through drag & gender queer performances, art installations and more the MIRROR MIRROR ball will take you on a visual and sonic journey whilst you explore the equivocality of the word “mirror” because seeing isn’t always believing.

WHAT: Vogue Ball, presented by
WHEN: 14th of October7 -12pm
WHERE: Euston Rd, Alexandria
HOW MUCH: TBC, more info.

The Second Woman (Liveworks)

In an epic feat of endurance, Nat Randall performs a single scene inspired by John Cassavetes’ 1977 film Opening Night, on repeat for 24 continuous hours. Starring opposite Randall are 100 different men who range in age, background and acting ability. Each scene is captured on camera and projected live alongside the staged performance. Through the repetition of this intimate encounter, The Second Woman explores the complex interplay between identity, performance, gender, emotion, cinema and reality.

WHAT: Durational Performance (24 hours!), Liveworks
WHEN: 20th of October 6pm till 21st of October 6pm
HOW MUCH: $15, more info

Masqueerade (SFF)

Opening weekend of The Sydney Fringe just got more exciting as Heaps Gay presents a dark and twisted Masquerade party! music, performance & all immersive featuring loads is local legends, artists and musicians. Step into a world of mystery and disguise with your eyes wide open. Transform yourself and enter the twisted warehouse where reality is suspended and art becomes real life. That is, until the clock strikes 12! Sydney Fringe Opening Weekend Party!

WHAT: Masquerade Ball
WHEN: 2nd of September 7pm till 1:30am, 3rd of September 6pm till 12:30pm
WHERE: Euston Rd, Alexandria
HOW MUCH: $49 + BF, more info.

Thursday 24th August


L’étranger is an exhibition of recent works from ten diverse artists, whose unique paintings, photographs, and sculptures are anchored by central themes of the strange, the unknown, the unfamiliar and the ethereal. Co-curated by Federica Iozzo and Miya Spears, produced and presented by aMBUSH Gallery, L’étranger highlights the mysterious yet powerful notion of expressing encounters with the magical, peculiar or subconscious from a new perspective.

WHAT: Art Exhibition
WHEN: 6-9pm
WHERE: aMBUSH Gallery, Waterloo
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Wild Thoughts Dance Classes with Amrita

Feel the groove rhythms with DJ Khlaed at Wild Thoughts Dance Class! Hosted by the Hudson Ballroom this beginners dance class asks you to channel your inner Rihanna, by (optionally of course) wearing your sheer top and hoop earrings. Dance away the winter cold and warm up your ligaments with your dance guardian angel Amrita Hepi. No experience necessary, just enthusiasm and care free spirit!

WHAT: Wild Throughs Dance Class

WHEN: First session 6pm, Second session 7pm

WHERE: Hudson Ballroom, City

HOW MUCH: $25. More info here.

The GULF by Audrey Cefaly: Australian Premiere

American playwright, Audrey Cefaly, brings Australian audiences the premiere of the award winning ‘The Gulf’. Set on a hot summer’s night in the Gulf of Mexico, two women Kendra and Betty are deeply entangled in the throes of love and find themselves in dangerous territory. The play examines a complex lesbian relationship and the women are forced to examine the waters that divide them. With an all female production team, and Puberty Blues’ Brenna Harding (Sue Knight), Lume Productions brings a gritty but beautiful drama, challenging queer women stereotypes.

WHAT: The Gulf

WHEN: 8pm (showing until 5th September)

WHERE: FLOW Warehouse, Camperdown

HOW MUCH: $25-35 (or have a look on Lume Productions website for a discount code). More info here.

The Virgins Trouble // By Sarah Woodward

DedSpace is hosting Sarah Woodward’s two complimentary interactive exhibitions that focus on virginity and domestic space. The first exhibition, The Virgins Trouble, features photography, installation and interactive performance elements that force individual to question ideas and imagery around that surround virginity. The exhibition engages in relevant issues in gender politics and food and drink as apart of the interacting performance! Alongside this, Woodward’s exhibition ‘The House of the Truth of Being’ explores understanding and representation of domestic space and how that contributes to the understanding of the self.

WHAT: ‘The Virgins Trouble’ and ‘The House of the Truth of Being’ exhibitions

WHEN:  4pm

WHERE: DedSpace Gallery, Rozelle

HOW MUCH: Free. More info here.

Friday 25th August

Michael Saker at Disorder Gallery

Michael’s diverse history in art includes exhibitions of his work throughout Sydney and Australia, large scale murals, book and record cover designs, performance videos and roles as an art critic. Still an underground painter, Michael remains a prolific artist and fixture in the Darlinghurst community.

WHAT: Art Exhibition
WHEN: 6-8pm
WHERE: Disorder Gallery, Darlinghust
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

MCA ARTBAR Curated by Julie Rrap

Grab your ball gown and raise your glasses high because Julie Rrap will be transforming this month’s MCA ARTBAR into an after-dark masquerade.  ‘Art Acts’ will bring the College to the Institution with a party dedicated to honouring and illuminating the long and continuing history of Sydney College of the Arts (SCA), through a celebration of Rrap’s students and SCA contemporaries.

WHAT: MCA ARTBAR Curated by Julie Rrap
WHEN: 7pm-11pm
WHERE: Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
HOW MUCH: $20-$26, more info here

Saturday 26th August

Nicole Welch - Wildēornes Land

Nicole Welch’s Wildēorness Land is an ambitious, monumental cinematic exhibition combining installation, photography and moving image that investigates the Blue Mountains wilderness from a historical, cultural and ecological viewpoint. The exhibition draws upon archival records that illuminate early European romantic notions of Australian wilderness juxtaposed with contemporary ideas and concerns that reflect the inherent loss and uncertainty we now face for our natural environment.

WHAT: Art Exhibition Opening
WHEN: 3-5pm
WHERE: May Space, Waterloo
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Biennale archive stories Mami Kataoka, Charles Green and Terry Smith discuss the Biennale of Sydney

For the third event in our Biennale Archive Stories series, renowned Australian contemporary art historians and biennial commentators Charles Green and Terry Smith discuss the Biennale of Sydney in light of its history, global biennial culture and the challenges and opportunities it faces. Two twenty-minute talks will be followed by a conversation with Mami Kataoka, Artistic Director of the 21st Biennale of Sydney.

WHAT: Biennale archive stories Mami Kataoka, Charles Green and Terry Smith discuss the Biennale of Sydney
WHEN: 2pm-3:30pm
WHERE: The Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney
HOW MUCH: Free, more info here


“The crossover of painting and sculpture is at the essence of the art of Sydney-based artist Yioryios. His organic yet geometric forms are vested in the matter, the concept and context of painting, but realised in ‘sculptural’ form.

WHAT: Yioryios Points of Interception Exhibiton Opening
WHEN: 3pm-5pm, Exhibiton on till the 30th September
WHERE: Artereal Gallery, Rozelle
HOW MUCH: Free, more info here

Sunday 27th August

Subsumed Exhibition

Marshall Williams in his latest series of large paintings continues his fascination with the still and glass like surfaces which envelope the hulls floating quietly within their watery surrounds. The boats and the reflected imagery play across the surface in a symmetrical and frontal expanse. Subsumed in soft colour and glowing with luminous light,the works exhibit a mood of silent calm. Drifting and stationary, often as single hull or paired in close relationship to each other with a floating expanse of clouds above.

WHAT: Art Exhibition
WHEN: 12-6pm
WHERE: SOHO Galleries, Sydney
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Two Up Talks - NSW Prison System & Magic Tricks

Two Up is a talk series that combines two completely unrelated topics in a series of back to back lectures. After two short lectures the floor gets opened up to an impulsive round of questioning that encourages interactions between speakers and ideas.For this round of Two Up we will be throwing together Mindy Sotiri is going to speak about NSW Adult Prison System and Harry Milas will be delivering insight into the tricks around magic.

WHAT: Two Up Talks – NSW Prison System & Magic Tricks
WHEN: 6pm-8pm
WHERE: Cake Wines Cellar Door
HOW MUCH: $10, more info here

Sculptures by the PBC 2017

An art prize and exhibition held at the Petersham Bowling Club in collaboration with Reverse Garbage, where artists have been invited to enter artwork around the theme of ‘old made new’, using materials that have been reused, recycled and repurposed.

WHAT: Sculptures by the PBC 2017
WHEN: 12pm-5pm
WHERE: Petersham Bowling Club, Petersham
HOW MUCH: Free, more info here

Hanami - Cherry Blossom Festival

Soak in the beautiful botanical gardens at Sydney’s only cherry blossom festival, featuring a range of Japanese food stalls, J-pop, origami making sessions, sake tastings and sumo wrestling events throughout the day.

WHAT: Hanami – Cherry Blossom Festival
WHEN: 9am-5pm
WHERE: Auburn Botanical Gardens, Auburn
HOW MUCH: $5 or free for Cumberland City Council residents. More info here

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