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June 29th 2015




Monday 29th June


Endurance Art with Marina Abramović

The legendary performance artist Marina Abramović is in a 12 day long residency in Walsh Bay. She describes her role as a “conductor” – the audience will become the participants as Abramović guides you through activities that require control or concentration. Along with guiding the public through participatory projects she will act as a mentor for 12 emerging artists (along with our very own Canvas presenter Frances Barrett) from 5 – 7 every day you can join them in conversation, debate or discussion, which is guaranteed to be a mind expanding experience.

WHAT: Project 30: Marina Abramović
WHEN: till 5th July 12 – 7 pm daily or 5pm – 7pm for Evenings in Residence.
WHERE: Pier 2/3, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, Sydney
HOW MUCH: FREE – be prepared to wait in a queue.

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Master of LEGO

There are only 12 qualified LEGO professionals in the world. This is one of them. It will be an exhibition of 60 original creations for castles to air crafts. For all the big kids out there!

WHAT: The Brick Man Experience
WHEN: 27th June – 12th July
WHERE: Sydney Town Hall, enter from Druit Street
HOW MUCH: Buy tickets online


Tuesday 30th

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 6.13.35 pm


Let’s talk about marriage equality.

Like all good things marriage equality started in the Netherlands in 2001 and has now spread across the world. Most recently even Ireland and the United States managed to get on board. Despite the barriers of religious or general political conservatism. Regrettably in Australia, this issue is still up for debate. So here it is. This event is part of Junkee’s ‘Take On’ where smart people get stuck into the controversial topics of our time.

WHAT: Junkee. Take On #3: Marriage Equality – For better or worse
WHEN: 7.00 pm – 9.30
WHERE: Giant Dwarf
HOW MUCH: $15 online

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Ear to the ground

Tom Hungerford has created a sound installation in collaboration with Dr Densil Cabrera from Sydney University. His work will explore our perception of sound. It is an interactive acoustic installation. Your every foot step or movement through the space will echo and distorted as it bounces back to you. Like an artistic interpretation of the scene in Juno in the abortion clinic.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening: Ear to the Ground by Tom Hungerford
WHEN: 6 – 8 pm


Wednesday 1st


Creative Conversations with Asylum Seekers.

40 artists will be performing a range of works from dance, theatre, film and spoken word around the issue of asylum seekers. The theme is ‘A Temporary Life’ and there will be an exhibition as well as two nights of performances and panel discussions.

WHAT: Creative Conversations with Asylum Seekers: A Temporary Life
WHEN: 30 June – 6 July: 1 pm – 7 pm
WHERE: Annandale Creative Arts Centre
HOW MUCH: $10 – $15

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Welcome to hell …

This month the exhibition at Firstdraft shows the mess our creations make. The exhibition includes Tully Arnot as he explores our human relationship to technology. Louise Zhang on all things ‘blob’ related. Jason Phu’s turns intimate objects into caricature and last but not least Josh Harley who’s works give human qualities to the digital.

WHAT: Exhibition: a robot attempts to eat a chicken nugget
WHEN: 1 – 24 July
WHERE: Firstdraft Gallery

Thursday 2nd


Contemporary Dance by Dirty Feet. 

Out of the Studio
WHEN: 2 – 4 July – 7.30 – 10.30
WHERE: Shopfront Contemporary Arts Centre
HOW MUCH: $10 – $15

Friday 3rd


Sydney Film Festival at Casula Powerhouse

They say its going to be the next Slumdog Millionaire. From the Sydney Film Festival line-up, this Indian film will fill your hearts and Casula Powerhouse will fill your stomachs. As part of the Sydney Film Festival at Casula they will be screening a new festival film each month, and serving up hot curry and naan to go with it.

WHAT: The Crows Egg – Screening and Dinner
WHEN: 6 pm Meal – 7.30 pm Film
WHERE: Casula Powerhouse
HOW MUCH: $10 – $15 + Dinner $17 – bookings essential.


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