Culture Guide: Painting to Performing and Movies to Music

June 7th 2015



Monday 8th

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Art as a Verb 

A verb is a doing word. And while art has always been about making, painting or sculpting , we are now seeing an increase in art that is about performing, instructing or enduring. This exhibition was conceived at the  Monash Art Gallery in Melbourne. And Artspace is taking it to another level with big international names like Marina Abramovic and local champions such as Mike Parr.

WHAT: Art as a Verb
WHEN: 12 – 4 pm
WHERE: Artspace, Woolloomooloo


Sydney Film Festival 2015 Continues…

June is becoming a time of year when Sydney is packed with so much culture that it becomes difficult to get down the street. The marathon that is Sydney Film Festival charges on this week at various locations around town. SFF has teamed up with Vivid Ideas to bring you talks in the Apple Store. On Monday catch actor Brendan Cowell and the producer of Reben Guthrie  Kath Shelper discuss their new hedonistic Australian film. Or you can test your own knowledge at the Newtown Hotel’s  Texan Chainsaw Trivia. For the more classic experience hit up any of the films showing all across Sydney.

WHAT: Sydney Film Festival 2015
WHEN: Until Sunday 14th June
WHERE: Various locations
HOW MUCH: Free events / Movies Price Vary


Skylight 2014, Mason Kimber

Skylight 2014, Mason Kimber

Right Here, Right Now

Penrith Regional Gallery is shaking up everything you thought you knew about painting. This collection of some of Sydney’s best emerging artists experiment with the age old medium to create bold and experimental works. There are twenty artists curated across three rooms. Among the list of excellent artists are Louise Zhang’s colourful creations explore the blob as a not-so-distinct form. And Mason Kimber who legit paints frescos, like the roof of the Sistine Chapel cross with The Jetsons.

WHAT: Exhibition: Right Here, Right Now 
WHEN: 9 am – 5 pm
WHERE: Penrith Regional Gallery & Lewers Bequest


Words that changed history

Exploring the best in human eloquence throughout history. Writer and filmmaker Bob Ellis and an extensive list of speech writers and orators will be discussing everything from Cicero to Obama. You are sure to come away with a lot of history, a touch of inspiration and the deep desire to go find yourself a soap box to stand on.

WHAT: Orators
WHEN: 6 pm
WHERE: Gleebooks
HOW MUCH: $28/$22 Book Online


Golden Age Hub Takeover

The Breakfast Club. American Beauty. The Graduate. Pulp Fiction. Reservoir Dogs. Ferris Buller’s Day Off. Someone mentions these movie and the songs instantly start playing in your head. Its a magical thing. The Sydney Film Festival Hub will be playing these songs you love all night long. It’s your chance to live a movie-esque moment and sing along with a bunch of equally die hard fans. (Or hope the music is loud enough so you can just move your lips around and fake it for the fun times).

WHAT: Golden Age Cinema’s Golden Stage / Cult Movie Night Soundtracks
WHEN: 8.30 – Midnight
WHERE: Sydney Film Festival Hub, Sydney Town Hall


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One man, eight characters. All separated by a single sheet. Set in a quaint Irish town the story follows a one Thomas Magill on his quest to save the drunks and the sinners. Directed by the talented Kate Gaul, its as good as any excuse to see a piece of theatre in the basement of a pub.

WHAT: Mistermen at the Old Fitz
WHEN: 7.30
WHERE: The Old Fitzroy Hotel
HOW MUCH: $27/$32

Voiceworks #100 Launch

Voiceworks magazines are celebrating the launch of their 100th issue, featuring stories ranging from cross-country competitions, to Buzzfeed, to beached whales. The launch will include drinks and readings by some Australia’s best young writers.

WHAT: Voiceworks #100 Launch
107 Projects, 107 Redfern St., Redfern
WHEN: Tonight, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Cake, Bake and Sweets Show

The show includes workshops, live demonstrations and there’s plenty of opportunities to buy delicious baked goods.

WHAT: Cake, Bake and Sweets Show
Sydney Showground, Olympic Park
WHEN: Friday 12th – Sunday 14th June
TICKETS: Starting from $22




Video Killed the Radio Star

Remember the days when Rage was the place you got your weekly dose of new music? Remember how you now discover new music listening to FBi? And they say video killed the radio star?! If Stephan Ferris isn’t a star then I quit. To settle this score once and for all the team from Short Cuts will be going head to head with the team from Rage for an audio visual meeting of the minds and the ultimate collision of your current and child self!

WHAT: Rage vs. FBi Radio at the SFF Hub
WHEN: 8.30 – Midnight
WHERE: Sydney Film Festival Hub, Sydney Town Hall


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