Culture Guide: 24 – 30 January

January 25th 2022
MONDAY: Opportunities for Film makers

Sydney Film Fest Submissions Open

“Calling all filmmakers! Entries are now open for the 2022 Sydney Film Festival, returning to cinemas from 8-19 June 2022.

“The Festival is on the lookout for films for the Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films, the Documentary Australian Foundation Award for Australian Documentary competition, and both Australian and international categories”

For more info, head here.

TUESDAY: Emerging and Experimental Theatre

A Grain of Sand

How can you break the loop? Aedan is stuck in a room with Monica, an AI replication of his dead girlfriend. Committed to getting a confession from the clearly guilty party, a mysterious figure has Aedan trapped in a loop – living out his life with Monica again and again, waiting for something to crack. What none of them know is that the entire thing is being live streamed to a public audience, who will get to decide his fate. A Grain of Sand queries how justice can function in the public eye, and who gets to decide what is right in our technological age.”

To book, head here.

WEDNESDAY: Invasion Day, January 26

Invasion Day - Survival Day - Day of Mourning March Sydney 2022

“This year also marks 50 years since the Aboriginal Tent Embassy was established in Canberra, an earthquake moment in history that put the struggle for Land Rights on the international agenda.
“We honour this proud history of resistance and will retrace the steps of the 1938 Day of Mourning. This involves a silent march from Town Hall to Australia Hall on Elizabeth St, before proceeding to Yabun in Victoria Park.”
The march begins at 10am at Town Hall. Further details here.

Yabun Festival

“Yabun Festival is the largest one-day celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture in Australia. It takes place annually on 26 January in Victoria Park, Sydney. In 2022 Yabun celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

“Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the need to keep our mob safe, Yabun will be delivered in both Victoria Park and the Seymour Centre with Free entry.”

For more information, visit the official Yabun Website or the Koori Radio Website.

Yabun Livestream

“The Yabun StageSpeak Out and Corroboree will be available via video live streams, viewable on the day from this website or you can listen in to Koori Radio, 93.7FM or via the Koori Radio app.”

THURSDAY: Dance Work

Marrugeku: Jurrungu Ngan-Ga (Straight Talk)

“Inspired by perspectives on incarceration, Jurrungu Ngan-ga reflects on the disgraceful disproportion of Indigenous Australians in custody and first-hand descriptions of life inside Australia’s immigration detention centres. Searing truths blend with dark humour, fear, sadness and courage
to shine a light on new ways to resist and to empower us all to rewrite our future – together.”

Running from Thursday to Saturday, find more info and how to book, here.

FRIDAY: Live, Site Specific Performance

Eucalyptusdom: Reawakening

“This performance of Equinox, created by Eucalyptusdom artist Jane Sheldon, marks a ceremonial transition, reawakening the exhibition space after a period of rest.

“This work, for two sopranos and electronics, takes Danielle Blau’s poem, The Vernal Equinox Story as a setting. A finalist in Australia’s 2020 Peter Porter Poetry Prize, it employs recurrent palindromes and is full of axes of symmetry — equators — an echo of the twice-annual symmetry of the Earth’s hemispheres in relation to the sun’s light, at each Equinox. Sheldon’s composition fills the text with musical mirrors and visual axes of symmetry.

Entry is free, more details here.

SATURDAY: Artist Talk

Cultural Cartography Exhibition Artist Talk

“As part of Lunar New Year, we’re hosting a live and online talk featuring the artists involved in the Cultural Cartography exhibition. NC Qin, Chris Yee, Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen, Christina Huynh and Anney Bounpraseuth will be speaking about their artworks and cultural influences with curator Guan Wei and professor Jing Han. The exhibition is held in partnership with Western Sydney University Institute for Australian and Chinese Art and Culture.

“Stay on and enjoy Lunar New Year celebrations in the Arts Centre precinct! Experience traditional lion dances, meet the God of Wealth, indulge in delicious dumplings and more, on from 4 – 9pm.”

For more info, head here.

SUNDAY: Live theatre

At What Cost?

“Tasmania, now. Boyd’s got enough on his plate between simply making a living and his responsibilities to land and people.

“But something’s happening. Every year more and more folk are claiming to be Palawa too. Folk no-one’s heard of until now, who haven’t been ‘round before. Are they legit? Or are they ‘tick-a-box’? Who decides? And how?

“If Boyd’s going to take everyone forward, they’re all going to have to go back, old mob or new, into the island’s knotty past. And they might not like what they find there.”

For more info, and to book now, click here.


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