Culture Guide: 19 – 25 June – Decolonising the Dancefloor, Experimental Performance + Pachamama Festival

June 20th 2017
Monday 19th June

The Unsettling - Atlanta Eke and Ghenoa Gela

The Unsettling is a live performance by performance artists Atlanta Eke and Ghenoa Gela. It is the live component of their video work at The National at Carriageworks. The artwork draws on the niche genre of Horrorcore Hip Hop to explore the invisible violence of the colonial present.

WHAT: Performance Art: The Unsettling
WHEN: Sunday 11am – 2pm
WHERE: Carriageworks
HOW MUCH: Free – more info here

Tuesday 20th June

X-Pop, Motte, DVD Screening

For the third installment of Freda’s weekly tuesday Audio/Visual performance nights they welcome Motte from New Zealand and X-Pop from around the corner to present two live sets joined by a DVD screening of animations and short films

WHAT: Live audio and visual performance
WHEN: 7.30-12am
WHERE: Freda’s, 107-109 Regent St, Chippendale
HOW MUCH: Free – more info here

Hong Kong Movie Week

As this year marks the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover from Britain to China, China Cultural Centre (Sydney) and Network of International Culturalink Entities join forces to present Hong Kong Movie Week.

WHAT: Film Screenings
WHEN: 20-24th June
WHERE: China Cultural Centre – Level 1, 151 Castlereagh St, CBD
HOW MUCH: Free – more info here

Wednesday 21st June

Grace & Gravity

Gravity & Grace is the much spoken of and little seen experimental feature film by Chris Kraus, presented at Golden Age as a very special, one-off screening with Kraus’ permission.

WHAT: Film: Grace & Gravity
WHEN: 8.30pm
WHERE: Golden Age Cinema
HOW MUCH: $15 – $20 – more info here


Rendering is a pluralistic practice of performance, translation and of making. The word holds currency in both digital and material procedures as a means of concealment, by constructing a layer over an original surface. Accordingly, the rendered surface is simultaneously ‘real’ and ‘fake.’

WHAT: Exhibition opening – Render
WHEN: 6pm till late exhibition runs still 25th of June
WHERE: Down / Under Space, Fredas 109 Regent Street, Chippendale
HOW MUCH: Free – more info here.

The Beholders Eye

The first exhibition in the newly renamed: Gallery Aurora. This exhibition is an ode to female artists, featuring over 15 different artists, and mediums.

WHAT: Group Exhibition – The Beholders Eye
WHEN: 6-9pm, exhibition runs till the 15th of July
WHERE: Gallery Aurora & Studios, 43 Junction Rd, Summer Hill
HOW MUCH: Free – more info here.

Thursday 22nd June

Frame of Mind

Sydney Dance Company’s Frame of Mind is a wildly powerful double bill featuring the smash hit Wildebeest by Australia’s own Gabrielle Nankivell and the multi award-winning Frame of Mind from Rafael Bonachela.

WHAT: Dance: Frame of Mind
WHEN: 22 June, 8.00pm
WHERE: Riverside Theatre, Parramatta
HOW MUCH: $38 – $62 – more info here

Decolonising Club Culture & Emancipating the Dance Floor

Transformed through hybrid sets, disco and pumping worldwide beats, can we dance our way to a more inclusive society, revitalizing Sydney nightlife along the way? Can club culture be used to contest and dismantle cultural stereotypes?

WHAT: Talk by DJ and activist, Ayebatonye Abrakasa
WHEN: 8-8.45am
WHERE: Golden Age Cinema – Paramount House, 80 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills
HOW MUCH: Free – more info here

Friday 23 June

Pachamama Festival

Pachamama is a festival all about rediscovering, strengthening and paying attention to our connection with the Earth, how she lives, breaths and hurts. They will be premiering some of the most exciting films to recently come out of Australia & Latin America.

WHAT: Film: Sydney Latin American Film Festival
WHEN: 23/24 June, various times
WHERE: Addison Road Community Centre
HOW MUCH: All films $10 – more info here

Kenzee Patterson and Mitchel Cumming opening

A two-part exhibition featuring artists Mitchel Cumming and Kenzee Patterson.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening
WHEN: 6pm
WHERE: KNULP, 15 Fowler St, Camperdown
HOW MUCH: Free, more info here

Frame of Mind

A showcase of the power of dancers as individuals and strength en masse, Sydney Dance Company presents a powerful double bill featuring Wildebeest and the multi award-winning Frame of Mind from Rafael Bonachela.

WHAT: Frame of Mind
WHEN: 8pm
WHERE: Riverside Theatre
HOW MUCH: $38- $62, info here

Saturday 24 June

Around the Outside #2: Lost

Feeling a bit lost? Head to Firstdraft gallery for a beer and snag as we explore the power of being lost, hidden things and the irrational as part of the second Around the Outside for 2017.

WHAT: Performance Art: Around the Outside #2: Lost
WHEN: 23 June, 11am – 2pm
WHERE: Firstdraft
HOW MUCH: Free – more info here

ParraPickers: Best in the West Trash & Treasure Market

Head along to the inaugural trash and treasure market, score a bargain and support your local non-profit groups, plus a sausage sizzle and the Bowers Repair Café.

WHAT: Trash and Treasure Market
WHEN: 9am-3pm
WHERE: The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre, Shop 1, 10 Hunter St, Parramatta
HOW MUCH: Free- more info here

Mervyn Bishop Photography Exhibition

See the iconic images of Australian photographer Mervyn Bishop, form spontaneous shots as a press photographer to intimate moments with friends and family.

WHAT: Photography Exhibition
WHEN: 10am-5pm: till 8th October
WHERE: Yiribana Gallery, Art Gallery of NSW,
HOW MUCH: Free- more info here


Passion and Procession: Art of the Philippines

Ten Filipino artists explore folk mythology, family archives, nature and religious ceremony through contemporary sculpture, video and installation.

WHAT: Exhibition
WHEN: 10am-5pm: till 12th November
WHERE: Upper Asian Gallery, Art Gallery of NSW
HOW MUCH: Free- more info here

Sunday 25 June

Desire Lines 3.0 Publication Launch


Desire Lines is back! Presenting art in new and exciting ways away from the art museum, head along for performances and readings, live music and a copy of their newest publication.

WHAT: Desire Lines 3.0
WHEN: 5pm onwards
WHERE: George Hotel, 760 Elizabeth St
HOW MUCH: Free, more info here

All I have are dreams of you- Claudia Nicholson


Claudia Nicholson has created an alfombra de aserrin- a coloured sawdust carpet as a memorial to the Latina pop star Selena Quintanilla. This Sunday, see the artist perform a passage of Selena’s choreography over the carpet, and a tribute performance from the Spanish- speaking STARRTS choir.

WHAT: Performance
WHEN: 3pm
WHERE: Carriageworks
HOW MUCH: Free, more info here

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