Culture Guide 19/10 :: Experimental Arts Festival, Sculpture by the Sea and Back to the Future

October 19th 2015



Tuesday 20th


Cross continental stories cross over

Two separate but interconnected stories will weave their way through our hearts and minds. The Theatre Company Red Stitch commissioned Australian playwright Tom Holloway to write a companion piece to Simon Stephens’ dramatic monologue, Sea Wall. The two stories though distinct compliment each other in their exploration of isolation and loss. This double bill has been doing the rounds of the nation from up the Darwin Festival to the Old Fitz, and so far it’s got faultless reviews.

WHAT: Dead Centre/Sea Wall
WHEN: 7.30 pm 20 October – 14 November
WHERE: The Old Fitz Theatre
HOW MUCH: $25 Cheep Tuesday – book online

Wednesday 21st


Happy Mistakes

From the slinky to penicillin, some of the best inventions were happy mistakes. Accidents turned good. The exhibition Trial & Error rifs on this idea that great things come through a process of trial and error. Attempting and learning from your mistakes or embracing them are part and parcel of the creative process. Come check out SCA students free themselves from what success should look like and celebrate the cracks and explotions.

WHAT: Trial & Error
WHEN: 4 pm
WHERE: Dedspace Gallery – Sydney College of the Arts.

– –

Team Australia

Team Australia: Stories from Fairfield is a new work written and co-devised by the Powerhouse Youth Theatre Ensemble – all young artists from the Fairfield region. Offering seven perspectives on their experiences as young Australians, Team Australia is intimate, irreverent and deeply political.

WHAT: Team Australia: Stories from Fairfield 
WHEN: 4 pm
WHERE: Dedspace Gallery – Sydney College of the Arts.

– –

Experimental 3D Filmmaking

French Filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard is know as the king of French New Wave cinema. The French New Wave established a new aesthetic that engaged with current political and social issues. Across Wednesday and Thursday this week UTS will be screening a couple of Goddard’s short films and then Thursday you get a chance to hear talks and discussions about this Godard and his aesthetic influence on cinema. One for the film buff’s out there.

WHAT: Late Godard: ‘Goodbye to Language’ – Digital Cinema + 3D
WHEN: 7 pm 21st October Film Screening – 10 am 22nd October Symposium
WHERE: UTS – Building 3.

– –

The Future is Now

21st October 2015. We were promised hover boards, flying cars and microwavable expanding pizza’s. The cult classic film Back to the Future set exceptional goals for inventors around the world. Come get your dose of nostalgia at UNSW on this historic day as they screen the film. Lament at what could of been but remember that while Marty McFly has a hover board we have the internet.

WHAT: Back to the Future: Film Screening
WHEN: 7.30 pm
WHERE: The Roundhouse – UNSW

Thursday 22nd

Liveworks Experimental Arts Festival Lifts Off

Performance Space has been consistently serving up some of the best experimental art around the city. Their home within the rough and ruggeder walls of Carriageworks has allowed them to push boundaries and transform space. For this first time Performance Space is concentrating their efforts into a festival of experimental arts. Across the two week period there will be flaming performances by renowned collective Hissy Fit, a moving and surreal sculpture by Jonathan Jones, and dance with drones. This is one for the ages.

WHAT: Liveworks
WHEN: 22nd October – 7 November
WHERE: Carriageworks
HOW MUCH: Buy tickets online

– –

Dreams vs. Reality

The Dreams our Stuff is Made of is an investigation of the profound influence of science fiction upon the language and thinking of contemporary art. Because the Hitchhikers Guide to the galley pretty much invented the Kindle and our digital and real experiences are no longer separated, are we living in a science fiction reality. Find answers and questions at Verge Gallery.

WHAT: The Dreams Our Stuff is Made Of
WHEN: Opening 6 – 8. Exhibition November 14
WHERE: Verge Gallery

– –

Grad Show Season Begins at ACP

The Australian Center for Photography is showcasing the best works from their students of their three term course. See the ever exciting creativity of fresh young talent.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening: Photostart
WHEN: Opening 6 – 8 pm, Exhibition – 25th October
WHERE: Australian Centre for Photography

Friday 23rd


Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea is like the party bag we get for living in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Each year along the coastal walk between Bondi and Tamarama beaches site specific sculptures are delicately places around. Some stand out against the horizon or others make you see the space in completely new ways. Plus if you have already begun clogging up your Instagram feed with #summer photos why not at add some #art in front of your ocean pics.

WHAT: Sculpture by the Sea
WHEN: 22 October –
WHERE: Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk

Antenna Film Festival Encore Screenings

Miss out on the Antenna Film Festival? Fear not, for some highlights are being given a second spin this weekend. B-Movie: Lust & Sound In West Berlin portrays the dizzying landscape of 1980s West Berlin as captured by Mark Reeder during his time there. Nightfall on Gaia presents Antarctica in 2043 after failed attempts at human habitation of the ice continent. Catch these and more across the weekend.

WHAT: Antenna Film Festival Encore Screenings
Friday 23-Sunday 25
Verona Cinema, Oxford St, Paddington
 $19 or $16 concession

– –

Saturday 24th

Fashion & Art explored in Collection+ Christian Thompson

Christian Thompson, one of Australia’s most significant indigenous artists, will be the focus of a new exhibition presented at Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF) exploring the intersection of art and fashion through his cross-disciplinary work. Gene Sherman the galleries director describes it as the intersection between fashion and costume,  foregrounding society’s marginalisation of identity.

WHAT: Collection + Christian Thompson 
WHEN: 23rd October – 12 December
WHERE: Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation

Games & Actions at Mitchell Library

As part of Art & About, sound-obsessed organisation Super Critical Mass are planning a public, immersive sound performance with YOU, yes you. Members of the public are invited to take part in this unique event in the State Library. Meet at the entrance foyer at 2pm for workshop/rehearsal or for the timid yet keen, be in the Mitchell Library from 5pm to watch the mystery unravel.

WHAT: Games & Actions
Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th, 2pm 
State Library, Macquaire St, Sydney CBD


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