Culture Guide 28/9 :: Liquid architecture, architecture and graphics festivals, art from outsiders to optical illusions

September 28th 2015




Monday 28th


A festival of graphic story telling

The only festival that peers into the depths of how music and animation can be brought together to tell great stories stories. There are a bunch of performances, talks and workshops from industry heavy weights like Animal Logic. There is also a bunch of free stuff on hand including talks about Mad Max and preview screenings of the Walking Dead.

WHAT: GRAPHIC Festival 2015
WHEN: 8 pm 28 September, 9pm 10th & 11th October
WHERE: Sydney Opera House
HOW MUCH: Free – $59

Tuesday 29th

A night of poetry

Laughter, clicking, watermelon and fun at the Arts centre for the Bankstown September poetry slam.

WHAT: Bankstown Poetry Slam
WHEN: 6:30pm
WHERE: Bankstown Arts Centre – 5 Olympic Pde, Bankstown

Wednesday 30th


All your music video dreams come true

The fact is, everyone has dreamed of making a music video, or day dreamed that they are in a music video. So Metro Screen is bringing you cinematographers and day dreamers alike to hear from a panel of experts about the high and lows of the music video making business.

WHAT: Connect presents Music Video Show + Tell 
WHEN: 6 – 8 pm
WHERE: Paddington Town Hall

– –

Pill, politics and partying

The Bacchae is the result of an residency where 8 emerging artists have explored all it means to them to party. In the most appropriate opening line for a play ever “The invitations have been sent out, the punch has been spiked and the chaperones are all confirmed. It’s time to party.”

WHAT: The Bacchae
WHEN: 7 pm
WHERE: The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre

– –

The sounds of capitalism

Firstdraft have teamed up with Liquid Architecture (a group of artists that only work with sound). For three days at Firstdraft is described as a collective experiment by artist and musicians to capture the sounds and essence of of capitalism and in all its obscure, bizarre and symbolic.

WHAT: Liquid Architecture: Beyond Capitalist Surrealism
WHEN: 30 September – 2 October
WHERE: Firstdarft, Wooloomooloo

Thursday 1st


Torrie Torrie, 2015


The play. The myth. The girl.

The original story by George Bernard Shaw which is more commonly know for its reincarnation as the musical My Fair Lady, this production of Pygmalion promises to strip the story of perfection and social commentary back to its core. This interpretation is inspired by artists such as Artaud and Olivier De Sagazan and if the teaser video is anything to go by it will be a gripping event.

WHAT: UTS Backstage Presents Pygmalion
WHEN: 8.30 1 – 3 October
WHERE: UTS Bon Marche Studio
HOW MUCH: $6 – $16

– –


Outsiders, Imposters and Aliens

We have all at one point felt like an outsider. It is an isolating experience and it is often easy to forget how universal the experience is. This is the theme of the next exhibition on at The Domink Mersch Gallery. Curators Bev Shroot and Louise Thoeming have been awarded the galleries annual Curator Award for the show. Come peer into the lives of the outsiders and remind yourself that your not alone.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening: Outsiders, Imposters and Aliens 
WHERE: Dominik Mersch Gallery

– –

Create or Die

Create or Die is an exhibition curated by Show Us Your Teeth. The artists involved are fresh meat in an art scene. They are taking creative risks, experimenting, making, and performing, the artists have been encouraged to work without restrictions on scale, subject, medium, and approach.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening: Waitlisted
WHEN: 5 pm
WHERE: Create or Die Gallery, 10 Mitchell Street, Marrickville

– –

This is Newcastle Art

This Is Not Art – known to friends as TiNA – is an annual festival of experimental and emerging arts that has happened in Newcastle. The festival provides a space for artists, performers, writers, thinkers, theatre-makers, dancers, and tech-heads to gather, play, share ideas and innovate. The festival program is conveniently divided into sub categories such as “Arty Farty”, “Local Talent”, “The big issues” and “Who Run the World (girls). Well worth the drive up to Newy for the long weekend!

WHAT: This is Not Art
WHEN: 5 pm
WHERE: Create or Die Gallery, 10 Mitchell Street, Marrickville

Friday 2nd


Anna Kirk, Optical Avatar, 2015.



Because selfie sticks killed more humans than sharks this year now seems like as appropriate a time as ever to hold an exhibition highlighting our narcissistic digital culture. Take a selfie of yourself in front of 88 mirrored selfie sticks, or measure how long you have scrolled on art/app because technology has changed us so its about time we had a laugh at ourselves in front of some highly poignant art.

WHAT: Optical Avatar: Anna May Kirk Solo Show
 6 pm
WHERE: Airspace Projects

– –

Sydney Architecture Festival

Sydney Architecture Festival is a four day bonanza dedicated to good design, smart spaces and a better use of our resources. Each day has an umbrella theme to inspire the talks and discussions. They will be reveling design secrets to unveiling new projects including a new public space called the Goods Line in Ultimo. Because Architecture impacts all of us, its time we gave it the thought it deserves.

WHAT: Sydney Architecture Festival #TheGoods
WHEN: 8.30 am – 9.30pm, Friday-Monday
WHERE: The Goods Line 
HOW MUCH: Free / Ticketed

– –

City hack night markets

If  Beams Festival, Questacon and a bicycle had a baby it would look something like ‘Bespoke City’. This night market is designed to activate Paddington’s new creative space with light projections and interactive art works all based around the humble bicycle. You can trigger music or lights or even a virtual trip of our great city just by putting your peddle to the metal. Plus Cargo Bikes are supplying refreshments. It will be biketastic.

WHAT: Bespoke City: Night Art Markets Paddington
WHEN: 8.30 am – 9.30pm
WHERE: The Goods Line 
HOW MUCH: Free / Ticketed

Saturday 3rd

The world on a stick

The Liverpool Night Markets are the first Saturday of every month and there is just about everything there from cronuts to candles to chips on a stick. Plus fun games and activities for the young and young at heart.

WHAT: Liverpool Night Markets
 4 pm
WHERE: Macquarie Street Liverpool
HOW MUCH: Relative to the size of your stomach

EQ Food Truck Jam

Moore Park’s Entertainment Quarter hosts the inaugural Food Truck Jam, featuring all of Sydney’s best mobile munch stations. From Knafeh, Cantina Movil, Mama Linh etc, food from around the globe will be represented over the two days.
As well as fantastic food, there will be entertainment from Brent St Performance Centre, Djs playing tunes and Sydney Trapeze School taking to the skies.

WHAT: EQ Food Truck Jam
WHEN: Saturday 5-10pm, Sunday noon-10pm
WHERE: The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park
HOW MUCH: Again, relative to the size of your stomach


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