Culture Guide:: Public art bonanza begins, Fringe Festival continues and Paradi$e is a Bitch

September 13th 2015




Monday 14th

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.37.48 pm
Little Fictions

Good stories told by great performers. This is the second of four in a series for the Sydney Fringe. The theme: Sydney Stories. For this city that we love, and love to talk about. Stories about those of us on the insides or confused tourists on the outside.

WHAT: Little Fictions at the Knox Bar: Sydney Stories
WHEN: 7 – 10 pm
WHERE: Knox Street Bar
HOW MUCH: $1o on the door

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Tuesday 15th

Italian Film

Greenery Will Blook Again, film still, 2014


Dream Merchants

The man who brought us The Magic Pudding, was also know for being an accomplished etcher and painter. A group of local artists have come together to recreate his world of intensity by imposing his Elizabethan style characters on very Aussie and very suburban settings. Very theatrical and a little surreal they will take you into another world.

WHAT: Dream Merchants
WHEN: 12 September – 25 October
WHERE: Mosman Art Gallery

– –

Italian Film Festival

The Italian Film Festival will be taking on over the palace cinema’s over the next few weeks. They will premiering some new gems and be dusting off some old goodies. Highlights include Pizza and Dates, a playful comedy that tells the story of an Islamic community who’s mosque gets turned into a hair salon, shot entirely within the canal’s of venice.

WHAT: Italian Film Festival
WHEN: 15 September – 11 October
WHERE: Palace Cinema‘s
HOW MUCH: $14 – $20

Wednesday 16th

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.33.26 pm
Kinski and I

This show brings to life the story of Klaus Kinski. Once one of the most successful screen actors of all time. He was also a bona fide sex addict and an absolute maniac. It has been called a ‘smorgasbord of depravity – and hilarity.’ Winner of last years Fringe Festival this is one not to be missed.

WHAT: Kiniski and I 
WHEN: 16 – 27 September
WHERE: 505@ 5 Eliza Street, Newtown
HOW MUCH: 7.30

– –

Thursday 17th


Kids, [film still], 1995


Paradi$e Bitch

White Rabbit Gallery rarely disappoints. From the collection of Judith Neilson most of these works are fresh off the boat from China and have never been seen before in Australia. Rumour has it this is their most ambitious exhibition so far attempting to tackle the sense of being promised the world and have those promises smashing to pieces.

WHAT: Paradi$e Bitch
WHEN: 10 September – Feburary
WHERE: White Rabbit Gallery

– –

Sydney Underground Film Festival

Sydney Underground Film Festival is a place for extremes. It is a home for the taboo topics that we get preciously sheltered from in our mainstream media. For example the opening film ‘begins with a bang’… literally. It is a controversial and sexually explicit film about the executive producer Gaspar Noé. Fainting is not uncommon in the aisle of the Factory for this festival. So if you think you are man/women enough. This is for you.

WHAT: Sydney Underground Film Festival
WHEN: 17th – 20th September
WHERE: Factory Theatre
HOW MUCH: $15 – $131

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The Many

All good historic buildings in Sydney have a tumultuous past. From orphanage, juvenile court to toy museum Juniper Hall is no different. To tell these stories, UNSW Masters of Curating students have banded together with local artists including Joan Ross, Jacques Emery and Freya Jobbins. The result is a eclectic mix of mediums that explore the art and architecture of this layered site.

WHAT: The Many – Exhibition Opening
WHEN: 6 – 8 pm
WHERE: Juniper Hall, 250 Oxford Street

Saturday 18th


Laura Jade Hindes, Cerebral Nebula (Brain Light)


Beams Festival

Beams Festival is like the NYE of Chippendale. People have referred to it as Chippendale’s Vivid. The streets will be swarming with public art installations, food trucks and all the galleries in the Creative Precinct will be open for your viewing pleasure.

WHAT: Beams Arts Festival 
 5 – 10 pm
WHERE: Central Park, Chippendale Green and Balfour Street

– –

Art & About

Over the last decade the city has transformed it’s public spaces into one bit ol’ art exhibition. Giving you the chance to stumble across hanging bird cages or uniquely painted pianos as you wander around the city. This year you can still check out the ‘Australia Life’ exhibition in Hyde Park or Near Kin Kin’s 25 meter high sculpture at customs house but when the month is over the festivities will live on. The Sydney Town Hall will be transformed into a rooftop bar and Price Alfred Pool will become an outdoor cinema. So get amongst Art&About now but let the magic continue all year round!

WHAT: Art & About
WHEN: 18th Sept – 10th October
WHERE: Hyde Park North


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