Culture Guide:: Sydney Fringe Festival, Exhibitions from the past, and Creative Women of the Future

August 30th 2015




Monday 31st


Rebecca Gallo, Anatomy of the found, 2015


Making sense of non sensical music lyrics

When it’s 1 am in the morning and you are belting out the lyrics to your favourite anthems it is not until the cold light morning that you might consider most of it makes absolutely no sense. Chloé Wolifson has curated five daring female artists who will be making sense of the non-sensical through their own sculptural interpretations.

WHAT: Animal/Mineral/Spiritual/Physical
WHEN: 31st August – 10 October
WHERE: The Bearded Tit – 183 Regent St, Redfern

Tuesday 1st


Sketch comedians descend on Sydney

The infamous Edinbrough Fringe Festival’s younger but equally aspirational cousin, The Sydney Fringe throws open its doors today to release on you all the sketch comedy madness you could ever wish for. Step into the guts and minds of Sydney’s most humorous and ballsy talent.

The first night will be kicking off with Skitbox a self described ‘aggressively charming’ all girl comedy group who will be bringing you everything from stiks to songs to the completely unexpected. Or Theatresports champion Kate Coates in her first solo show. Every night, for the next three weeks. We predict people chuckling absent mindedly to themselves all across Sydney as they recall jokes and tricks from the nights before.

WHAT: Sydney Fringe Festival
WHEN: Skitbox: 7.15 pm – Kate Coates: 7 pm
WHERE: The Factory Theatre – 105 Victoria Road, Marrickville
HOW MUCH: $9 – $15

Wednesday 2nd


Art from the past comes a haunting.

Francis Barrett the voice behind our Sunday morning arts program has curated a ambitious program of international artists across a range of mediums from screen based works to collaborative performance. These works use past histories and materials to dismantle and destroy our present state. Whether it be class, politics or family no stone of assumption will be left unturned.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening: Haunting – Curated by Francis Barrett
WHEN: 6 – 9 pm
WHERE: Firstdraft – 13-17 Riley St, Woolloomooloo

– –

Perfect paper creations

Paper may be a material that we often take for granted but Hyun-Hee Lee gives this recycling filler a new life with her intricate creations. Treating her creations like memories Hyun-Hee she wraps the dearest ones up in a parcel or framing them to preserve them over time.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening: Secrete by HyunHee Lee
WHEN: 6 – 8 pm
WHERE: Artereal Gallery – 747 Darling St, Rozelle

– –

Fusing dance, sport and live performance

SDS1 by Ahilan Ratnamohan at Blacktown Arts Centre in Western Sydney. A champion of unorthodox artforms, Ratnamohan has fused dance, sport and live performance together to create a thrilling movement work derived entirely from the global phenomenon of soccer! Drawing on the physicality and inherent choreography of the familiar sport, Ratnamohan will evoke the atmosphere of a football match, filling the theatre space with a visceral, charged energy and provoking the audience to lose themselves in his unique version of the ‘game’.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening: SDS1
WHEN: 7pm  -2nd-6th September
WHERE: Blacktown Arts Centre
HOW MUCH: $15/$25 via eventbrite

Thursday 3rd

Ghost Machine

Because we all love a good ghost story

A one hour existential crisis performed by a ghost. Laura Davis herself describes the show as ‘very funny’. Considering the rest of the reviews she has been getting we can only assume she is also ‘very modest’.

WHAT: Laura Davis: Ghost Machine
WHEN: 7 – 8 pm
WHERE: Giant Dwarf

Friday 4th


Family and the failing textile industry

James Nguyen has created a fictional world to tell a common story of many migrant families seeking stability and opportunity in Australia. Through a series of installation and video works James revisits family memories from growing up or his parents retelling of their experiences setteling in to their new life. It’s the old he said she said of any good family drama with the added idiosyncrasies of their new life.

WHAT: Exhibition: Exit Strategies
WHEN: 4 September – 10 October
WHERE: 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art – 181-187 Hay St, Haymarket

– –


The CURVY Creative Women’s Conference is two days of inspiration talks from some of the best women in the business. You can expect first-person approaches and ideas, action-oriented tips and special insights that give you a female perspective about the opportunities, challenges and future trends breaking boundaries here at home and worldwide. Girls. Run the …

WHAT: Curvy: The Creative Women’s Conference
WHEN: 6 – 8 pm
WHERE: aMBUSH Gallery – Level 3, Central Park, 28 Broadway, Chippendale

Saturday 5th

Joe Mande

WHAT: Joe Mande

WHERE: Giant Dwarf, Redfern

WHEN: Saturday night 9.15pm

HOW MUCH: 25 + bf online


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