Christmas Spirit: Gifts to DI-Y For

December 10th 2012

Cookies. Cards. Beer. Everything’s better when you make it yourself, right?

Christmas pressies are no different. There’s nothing like that homemade charm to sweetly say, ‘Oh dear lord I had NO idea what to get you, but isn’t this cute?!’

Making your own gifts will also save you some cash cash money, and maybe even a tree or two, if you choose the right ingredients. NOT-SO-FUN FACT: Aussies spend about $50 billion on presents each year, and around $700 million of that ends up as landfill come February.

Tell Santa to shove it and say hello to your very own Christmas elf: City of Sydney’s Green Villages team. With the help of the creative geniuses at Etsy, they’ve created a series of DIY videos to show you how to make some fail-proof last-minute gifts: a macramé pot holder and terrarium. (“A what now?!” Just watch the video, mmkay.)

There’s also a vid to show you how to wrap your gifts with gorgeous fabric that can be re-used again and again, rather than watching that overpriced piece of shiny paper you carefully selected from the newsagent get torn to shreds and tossed away.


How to make a macramé pot holder

With Kit from Handmade by Kitiya Palaskas

How to make a terrarium

With the Etsy Admin Team 

How to wrap with cloth

With Penny from Uptights


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