Changing Lanes 2011 Petition

April 30th 2011

If you were lucky enough to get along to the sold-out very-first-ever Changing Lanes in September last year, you know what a brilliant and unique day it was – and if you didn't, you damn well heard about it. There were live sets from Tame Impala, Jinja Safari and loads more local bands and DJs, amazing street art being produced RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES, and the Courty so close you could basically just fall over and you'd find yourself propped up on a bench rolling a smoke with a frosty jug of Cooper's in front of you. It's a perfect springtime antithesis to the huge summer festivals packed with hot-shorted Oompa Loompas and braying gymrats.

But as you're no doubt aware, if there's going to be an event in this city bigger or louder than a hipster farting there are myriad municipal hoops through which the organisers must jump, to ensure that everything goes off with as little wildlife trampled and as few locals puked upon as possible. That's where you come in. Changing Lanes 2011 is already gearing up, and the first step is to show the council that there is significant community support for events like this, which bring so much creative energy (and extra business) to the Newtown area.

Danae Goiser, one of the festival directors, says that the main challenge facing the event this year is proving to the council that Changing Lanes has the support of the community. "The more people get behind [CL] and say to the council 'Hey, this is our community event and we want it to happen' – the more likely they are to say yes to us again." If you'd like to add your support, head over to the Facebook petition and Like the pants off it – and spread the word!


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