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May 14th 2014

All your gold

All Your Gold is a treasure chest of works by twelve wildly talented local and international female artists, and the answer to your “WHAT’S GOOD AND GOING ON THIS YEAR?” question.

The twelve month program has just launched, co-curated by the duo behind online culture mecca Outergold, and The Hours’ Marty Routledge (who currently has his finger in a couple of creative pies including Go Font Urself, Lo-Fi Collective, Selfest and Tate Gallery).

Each month, one artist is placed under the spotlight, with Sydney-based illustrator and typographer Gemma O’Brien heading the pack. At age twenty-one, O’Brien was invited to speak at the Germany’s prestigious Typo Berlin design conference, after turning heads with a self-produced experimental video in which she inscribed her body with intricate hand lettering. In addition to starting up her For The Love Of Type blog, she’s since worked for a string of bigwig clients, with Woolworths, Vodafone, Smirnoff, The New York Times, Canon and Volcom having all commissioned works by her. And the stunning exhibition poster – yep, that’s her handiwork too.

From traditional brushwork to meticulously crafted terrariums and peculiar children’s toys, the program vaunts an impressive myriad of designs, with Jessica Hische, Cat Rabbit and Furry Little Peach among the gasp-worthy lineup of artists featured.


Mina Kitsos chatted to Outergold’s Bridget Rusk about what we can expect from our golden girls in the year ahead…

Mina:: What exactly will the next 12 months look like for All Your Gold?

Bridget :: We’ll feature content about [artists’] work, get some insights into them, and basically celebrate the amazing female talent that’s out there. There are so many great girls out there – it was really difficult to pick twelve! We have worked really closely with Marty (Routledge) who has seen so much talent over the last 6 or so years through the projects he has developed.

How did you come up with the title for the exhibition?

(Co-founder of Outergold) Carney Nir and I are both massive Bat For Lashes fans, so it’s inspired by her song of the same name. We actually both work in the music industry so that was a bit of a personal touch for us. We also thought it reflected really nicely with what we we’re trying to achieve with the series – a nod to the ‘visual gold’ these girls all produce.

Was there a brief you provided the artists with?

We didn’t have a theme in the show as we just wanted everyone to have total free rein on what they created. We’ve actually ended up with a show featuring an awesome array of different styles and techniques (as all the girls’ styles are so different), from Gemma O’Brien’s beautiful hand type piece ‘Dead Broke’ (inspired by her latest tax bill!), hand made toys by Cat Rabbit, Miso‘s incredible piece featuring pin pricks on paper and Jacqueline Bui‘s terrariums.

Why do you think it is important for the public to recognise local talent, and female artists in particular?

[It’s not] about focusing on female artists over male artists generally, but we just wanted to focus on female artists as we personally felt it was a nice fit with what Outergold is about. There’s an immense amount of talent out there and I think spaces like the Tate Gallery are doing a fantastic job of providing a platform for local talent to be showcased. We’ll feature a different artist on the site each month.

all your gold 2

‘Micro Cosmos’ by participating artist Hannah Stouffer

Head to Outergold and get gawking. A different artist is featured on the site each month, so keep your eyes peeled!


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