Independent Artist of the Week: Call Compatible

June 26th 2019

Call Compatible

It’s 3am, and the energy seeping from a grungy techno base line is urging you to keep up. It seems to ooze from the speakers, bounce around in a quick, rhythmic thrum, and change direction enough to force you to reset. Our Independent Artist of the Week is Call Compatible, and they’re taking you there.

Nurtured by Sydney’s electronic scene, Call Compatible’s sound pays homage to its locality while referencing techno and Italo Disco. Breathing new, experimental life into ’90s house, it’s got all the repetitive base lines and techno riffs enlivened with contemporary modes of production.

Call Compatible is the project of seasoned Sydney based artist Del Lumanta. Having operated under a number of monikers, including  Gas (Tenth Court), Steam Vent (Longform Editions, Chemical Imbalance), Basic Human (Meatspin), Cutlery, Del’s Island, Video Ezy (Paradise Daily), Skyline (Nice Music), Cabbage, Leechridden Swamp and Honey 2 Honey (Chapter), it’s clear that Del is lending Call Compatible a depth of industry experience.

Through solo projects and collaborative work, Del has appeared on bills alongside an impressive list of artists, including Klein, Caterina Barbieri, Lucy Cliche, William Basinksi, Lawrence English, Rui Ho, Blues Control, Deerhoof, Container, and Opal Beau.

What’s more, Del is currently facilitating New Age Noise. Formerly known as All Girl Electronic, New Age Noise is a free electronic music production workshop program for young women, trans and non-binary youth from Western Sydney at Information and Cultural Exchange.

Symbols in Sediment mirrors the type of vintage techno heard throughout Call Compatible’s latest offering Valued Mutuals (with Enderie). Soak up the deep disco below, and catch it live in August.

WHO: Call Compatible + supports TBA
WHAT: Call Compatible + Enderie cassette launch
WHERE: Factory Floor,  Marrickville
WHEN: Saturday August 17


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