Big White ‘Down on the Beach’ live acoustic on Mornings with Alex Pye

March 4th 2016


  • Big White :: Down on the Beach (Live)
  • Big White :: Interview with Alex Pye

A couple of years in the making, the debut album from Big White, Teenage Dreams, is set for release on March 18. In a pretty sweet coup for a Sydney band’s first release, they’ve got Californian label Burger Records behind it – after co-founder Lee Rickard scouted the band at Beach Road Hotel in Bondi last year.

Following the album release are tour dates in the US and Europe, and a possible Australian tour. Before the madness, the five band-members crammed into the FBi studio with their instruments to chat with Alex Pye about playing gigs at home and all the best of American fast food.

When asked about how it felt to release a debut album, the band was left almost speechless, with just a few one-word responses to capture their sentiments at present. “Understated”, “exciting” and “anticipating” were all bandied about, but the general sense is that none of the gang really knows how to react.

Friends first, a music group later, this band appears to have been a happy accident. Influenced by stories, anecdotes and memories of their teenage shenanigans, the album has no chief songwriter – a joint effort born out of this group of housemates.

Big White also shared a live performance of ‘Down on the Beach’, a track from the new album.

Listen above to hear the full interview and live tune.

Teenage Dreams is out March 18 through Burger Records.



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