Big Boi chats Outkast, Atlanta hip hop & having lunch with Kate Bush

March 22nd 2018

  • Big Boi :: Interview with Darren Lesaguis

Big Boi, the other half of global hip hop phenomenon Outkast, showed off his best Crocodile Dundee impression on Wednesday Arvos with Darren Lesaguis.

Fresh off the back of his third solo album and a show at Golden Plains, Big Boi dropped by the FBi studio. Speaking in and out of a fake Aussie accent, the Atlanta rapper spoke about visiting a different kind of South here in Australia, to “touch the fans, kiss babies and shake hands” as well as his place rap music.

As a group, Outkast were instrumental in pointing America and the world to a different kind of rap game. When reminded, Big Boi is humble about his role in the now booming Atlanta scene. Instead he’s proud of the talented lyricists, producers and artists that come from his city and reminds us that they all stick together.

“We kinda kicked in the door. But the music was jammed so hard they had to dig it… I’m proud of Atlanta, Atlanta artists stick together man. There’s power in numbers and we gon’ keep funkin’ y’all.”

However connected he is to his roots though, Big Boi has consistently managed to make music outside of trends, both when working in a group and as a solo artist. It’s what keeps him and his legacy relevant in 2018. This is testament not only to his quick wit and rhyme, but his talent in making music outside of his past, while also not ignoring it.

“That’s what hints the name OUTKAST. Because we’re never going to be a part of what’s going on. We gon’ always be on the outskirts. That’s how we’ve been able to be here for so long. We don’t try and go to recreate something that you’ve already done. To shock the people is to make music that’s going to be mind-blowing and also top blowing and you could get topped off to it.”

You’ll find this sass is all over his new album, BOOMIVERSE, from collaborations with old friends like Sleepy Brown, to sampling humanoid Japanese popstar Hatsune Miku. The artist that Big Boi wants to collaborate with most though, is none other than Kate Bush.

“I don’t know, she could just breathe on the track. I’d go over there and camp out for a couple days or a week or whatever, in the castle with the big pianos and we’ll make some incredible music.”

Unexpected as it might be, Bush is Big Boi’s “1A” favourite artist. “I don’t have a top three. It’s three artists but it’s number 1A, 1B and number 2 favourite artists.”

Wondering who number 1B and 2 are? Listen to the full interview above to find out, as well as what happened when Big Boi and Kate Bush had lunch together and what his kids think about their dad being in a video game.



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