Banoffee’s sophomore album ‘Tear Tracks’ is for “crying in the car, crying in the club, or crying having sex”

November 23rd 2021

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  • Banoffee :: Interview with Kiki Amberber

Banoffee’s glimmering sophomore album ‘Tear Tracks’ will wrap its tendrils around your heart and continue to pull pull pull. She sat down with Kiki Amberber on Mornings last week to chat about growth, grief, and her tiny nylon string guitar.

“I wanted this to be a night driving album, I wanted people to either be crying in their car, crying in the club, or crying having sex. They’re the three – and if you’re not doing any of those, then I’ve failed.”

‘Tear Tracks’ turns inward. A lockdown project about heartbreak, it refuses to be defined by its darkness. It’s an honest exploration of grief, delivered via sleek, stripped back electro-pop. Banoffee told Kiki:

I think normally [with a sophomore release] people feel like they really have to go bigger and better and really make a statement that they’ve grown and I think that growth doesn’t always have to be excess. Making a record that was even more stripped back, and more personal felt like growth to me.” 

Released independently, Banoffee said the absence of producers and a studio forced her to think creatively about how she’d bring the album to life.

My studio setup was the most Australian sh*t you’ve ever heard of. It was like two chairs with a surfboard over the top and all of my gear which was only a computer and a mini keyboard and some speakers I borrowed from a friend…And I think having only that setup put a tiny little nylon string guitar that we keep down at the cabin informed the record a lot. Because limitations are really important for creativity. When you’re in the studio and you have a bunch of instruments and you have producers at your disposal, it’s actually a lot harder to find a direction.”

You can catch Banoffee’s ‘Tear Tracks’ launch live at the Lansdowne hotel next month.

“I’m so excited. I’ve really purposely kept all of the rooms small because I want to have a nice experience with the people that come and to be able to share this sort of close record with people in a way that feels like we’re all in it together.” 
WHO: Banoffee
WHAT: Tear Tracks album launch
WHERE: The Lansdowne Hotel, Chippendale
WHEN: Friday, 17th December
HOW MUCH: $29.94
More info and tickets HERE


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