Backchat :: Your BackKatter Campaign

May 11th 2013


Just when you think you’re getting heartily sick of the level of political discourse in Australia, something wonderful happens.

And now, ‘thanks be to baby-Jebus’, there is a show on FBi that will happily lap up every skerrick of Ridiculous Australian Political Occurrences (an institution so reliable and efficient in delivering the goods that it must indeed be capitalised).

That show is Backchat, and the wonderful thing is Bob Katter‘s crowd-sourcing of his own election campaign, having decided that group breakdancing maybe didn’t cut it.

If you were at any point reached by his umm… ahhh…experimental/absurdist campaign video that started it all, you can understand why the fine folk from Backchat on FBi decided that they should use their skills and expertise  to help the Mad Hatter out.

So here it is, a campaign video to appeal to young voters featuring the one and only Shag, and produced by Heidi Pett and Ash Berdebes.


It’s worth mentioning that Backstreet Freestyle by Kendrick Lamar cuts out 10 seconds into the video. That’s because Kendrick simply refused to send us a version where he changes the words to “Martin had a dream, Kendrick have a dream, Palmer had a dream, Katter have a DREAM”. So…

Backchat are hijacking the campaign.

They want your video submissions via the facebook page, and they’re offering some pretty sweet prizes if you can make a clip that slips through the net. It’s gotta include the word ‘BACKCHAT’ somewhere in the video to qualify. If you do that, and your submission is chosen by Bob for his advertising campaign, they’ll reward you with a gold pass to FBi Social – that is, free entry to any gig for a year, AND – and this is the really exciting bit – they’ll get you on the show to guest host Backchat with A.H. Cayley and Catherine Kelleher.

Head to Katter’s Australia Party website for all Bob’s terms and conditions (definitely check out his prizes – signed Akubra hats!) then post your clip on the Backchat on FBi facebook page to enter our competition and theirs before June 8.




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