Artist In Focus :: Nikolaus Dolman

August 4th 2015


Sydney artist Nikolaus Dolman opened up his studio for us ahead of his upcoming exhibition SIMULATION.

Step inside and you’ll find faces cut-up and collaged, lips where eyes should be, eyes where elbows should be, cigarettes missing smoke and pieces of meat placed against the flesh of a female form  – but somehow beautifully pieced together, creating abstract formations that could perfectly fill the walls of an inner city gallery.

In his third solo exhibition, Nikolaus focuses on the interplay of digital and real life imagery. Experimenting with light boxes and animation in an attempt to form a cohesion between cut and paste collage and the digital version.

Collecting images from magazines and catalogues, he focuses on the repetitions and obsessions of mass media and popular culture – though not in a negative sense, but more so in an observational way.

“I’m inside it. I guess we all are.”

Nik copy

Nik05 copy

Nik04 copy




WHAT :: Nikolaus Dolman’s SIMULATION exhibition
WHERE :: Goodspace Gallery, Level 1, 115 Regent St, Chippendale
WHEN :: Open for viewing from August 3-5; Exhibition drinks
HOW MUCH:: Free! More info here


Nikolaus Dolman: Website | Instagram

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