Art We Heart :: Louise Zhang

September 4th 2015

Louise Zhang_I went to mars and the isolation and red speckled solar winds eroded my sanity and it was beautiful_2015_foam clay acrylic polyurethane glass stamens foam stamens plastics_45x55x45cm

Louise Zhang’s abstract works tread a similar line to the animated children’s television shows she watched on Nickelodeon.

They are incredibly alluring, while still being slightly repelling. It is as if the experience of covering your face with your hands only to peep through the gaps in your fingers was made into art.

The desire to get lost amongst the bright colours and blob like forms ultimately overcomes the slimy visceral material repelling you from the canvas. This is particularly true for her sculptural works, which would look as much at home on the set of Pan’s Labyrinth as they do on a gallery plinth. But there is a great optimism to Louise’s works that is distinct from the gory horror of these influences, and makes the works entirely her own.

Louise is a Sydney based artist, in her studio at UNSW Art + Design she is a music binger. Listening to something on loop until she moves on to the next thing. At the moment it is Teebs, Little Dragon or the ever classic Sufjan Stevens. As an emerging artist, Louise has much respect for Sydney’s creative community and the plethora of Artist Run Initiatives that give young artist a go.

Louise is represented by Artereal Gallery, and if you want to see her works in the flesh she will be at Sydney Contemporary from the 10th of September.

LouiseZhang_ArtistStudio_03_small_Photography Credit_Tanya Dyhin

LouiseZhang_ArtistStudio_06_small_Photography Credit_Tanya Dyhin

LouiseZhang_ArtistStudio_10_small_Photography Credit_Tanya Dyhin

WHAT: Sydney Contemporary – Australasia’s international art fair
WHERE: Carriageworks
WHEN: September 10-13
HOW MUCH: From $25 – get tickets here



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