Art Month Sydney

February 28th 2011

There’s a helluva lot happening as part of Art Month Sydney. There are more than 80 participating galleries and over 120 exhibitions. Not to mention a generous amount of free flowing booze.  

Art Month launches tomorrow (Tuesday) night at The Ivy. The usual Kookai clad pool revelers will vacate the premises and Justin Hemme’s pride and joy will be left in the capable hands of SMAC-nominated artist Tom Polo. Polo will collect snippets of conversation from the crowd and input them into a video projection that screens the phrases as an artwork across the walls of the party. 

From 6pm on Wednesday night there will be a free evening panel discussion, Collecting in the Age of Investment, at Dominik Mersch Gallery. Panel participants will include Katrina Strickland (AFR), Geoffrey Cassidy (Artbank), Glenn Barkley (MCA) and Christopher Hodges (Utopia Art Sydney). 

Come Thursday evening, Barry Keldoulis Gallery will launch a new exhibition by Berlin-based Australian artist duo Sean Cordeiro & Claire Healy featuring an installation of hundreds of reconstructed beer bottles titled Drunken Clarity. Meanwhile, BREENSPACE will feature an exhibition of large-scale assemblages of felt, fabric and canvas by artist Sally Smart titled In her Nature.

If neither of those tickle your Thursday night fancy, head to Sullivan + Strumpf Fine Gallery. It’s this week's Art Bar and you’ll be treated to a free beverage! You'll also be treated to performances by exhibiting artist and musician Darren Sylvester, and Jacqui Cunningham and Arlene Texta Queen.

That's a week at a glance, but there's so much more going on. Check out the full schedule here.


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