Art Month :: Interview :: Connie Anthes

February 22nd 2012

Since walking out the door of the National Art School (Masters certificate in hand), Connie Anthes has done many things to bring the humble practice of drawing alive. Her ‘drawings in space’  were a sculptural assemblage of wooden lines like a wünderkind’s Mechano. For the upcoming exhibition ‘He Blinks Back’ at Firtdraft, Connie creates a series of ‘inflateable drawings’, that see wind replicate the gestural aspect of drawing.

When I caught up with Connie there was a buzz of activity with Chloe Langford installing ‘Heavy Jelly’, that seemed to actually involve jelly, Chloes Hughes setting up her new video works, and Pia de Bruyn & Andrew Atchison had some pretty rocknroll drawings up. It opens Wednesday 22 February 6-8pm. Art Month officially kicks off next week, but this one sneaks into the program. Think of it as a warmup. An inflateable rocknroll jelly warmup.

What: Group show

Who: Connie Anthes, Chloe Langford, Chloes Hughes, Pia de Bruyn & Andrew Atchison

Where: Firstdraft Gallery, 116-118 Chalmers St, Surry Hills

When: 22 Feb – 10 March 2012, opening 22 Feb 6-8pm

How much: Free!


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