All You Can Eat :: Shan’s Sinful Snackmix

May 18th 2011

If Shannon Connellan hasn’t already been appointed Grand Poobah of The Day-Glo Cultural Shitheap, someone needs to make her a cape and get to it. You can find her inventing words like “radsome”, presenting All-Nighters and random spots on FBi, and DJing as one half of Twinset. (Catch her and her eerie doppelganger behind the decks at GoodGod’s Silent Disco tonight, or helming the All-Nighter from 1am-6am next Thursday the 26th.) Here’s some food-related crapitude and a couple of actual good songs that she found on the internet for you.

"Popcorn" – Hot Butter

Few tracks can effectively personify the sound of food. But 70s synth-pop cover group Hot Butter, experimenting with shiny new Casio technology, succeeded in microwaving three minutes of salty, tasty pop(corn!). Originally appearing on Gershon Kingsley's 1969 synth classic record Music To Moog By, “Popcorn” as you know it was released by Hot Butter in 1972. Australia couldn't get enough salty goodness, and kept the tune at Number One for ten whole weeks. This tune is one carousel of crunchy cascading cadences. Eat up!

"Sweet Like Chocolate" – Shanks and Bigfoot

Shanks & Bigfoot – Sweet like chocolate
by liceberg

Da. Da da da. Da da da. Da. Da. Da. Da da da. Da da da. Da. Da. Da.
Da da da. Da da da. Da. Da. Da. Da da da. Da da da. Da. Da. Da.

British garage dance duo Steven Meade and Danny Langsman, once known as Shanks and Bigfoot, took us by the chocolate hand and lead us to a choc bus, which drove down choc streets over choc puddles all the way to the choc factory of tasty, tasty choc lounge beats. Shanks and Bigfoot told us of a tale. Apparently there was some "boy", who was metaphorically "sweet". Apparently he was a man as rich in sugar as a bar of cocoa confection. The tune is cooked up with deliciously laidback lounge beats alongside schoolyard vocals. One listen and you’ll be da-daing around the melodic mixing bowl too.

"Apple Eyes" – Swoop

Some of us spent the 90s drinking strawberry wine under blueberry skies thanks to this shiny single from Aussie band Swoop. “Apple Eyes” skipped onto early morning rage screens in 1996, urging us to get on the right train, and get on the right track. This killer tune rampages along the pop rainbow, charging through sugary verses all the way to an 'alright' guitar solo and fadeout. This was one of the biggest singles of 1996, with a trippy video to boot The Mavis' “Cry” from all memory.

"Milkshake" – Kelis

Few food-fuelled tunes succeed in bringing all the boys to the yard.


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