All The Best: Five Husbands

March 28th 2011

Last week on All The Best we looked at Numbers from every strange angle we could think of- including a story about multiple husbands that came to us from Penguin Plays Rough.

Penguin Plays Rough is a monthly night of short fiction in Sydney that's been steadily growing since it started in 2008. Two years ago PPR started hosting events for the Sydney Writers Festival and the Imperial Panda Festival. This year they've decided to put a book together with some of their favourite stories and we were lent one for All The Best. We played a shortened version of Pip Smith's 5 Husbands, now you can hear the full story below.


5 Husbands will be published in Penguin Plays Rough's first book, check out their webpage if you're interested in it, writing, reading, established writers, new writers, books, good company, odd stories and perhaps some wine. You can also download All The Best's Numbers episode for other number related features.


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