Album Review :: Cloud Control – Dream Cave

August 9th 2013


Cloud Control came to life at Sydney Uni, when three dudes and a chick decided to enter the band comp at Manning Bar. Who would have thought it’d turn into this?

Their first album, Bliss Release, introduced the band as a shot of emotion without a chaser. Three years later, Cloud Control are internationally recognised and locally adored. So can their second album, Dream Cave, raise them to even loftier heights?

Bliss Release had a bunch of songs that hit you immediately and made you say, “Oh yeah, now I feel [insert emotion here].” Dream Cave adds a subtle complexity that leaves you guessing the song’s true meaning, until eventually you’re drunk with it.

Dream Cave

Album artwork for Dream Cave. Make sure you spot the little dreamer!

The band has experimented with synths and added a new bassist, resulting in a newfound depth that manages to retain their defining sound. The rocker, ‘Promises,’ takes the signature Cloud Control harmony and infuses it with sounds reminiscent of The Rolling Stones‘ golden days, complete with jangly solos, wandering bass, and blues howls.

The odd but awesome(!) title of ‘Moonrabbit’ introduces a track with a dangerously infectious bapada bapada ah ah ay ay harmony that melts you down into numb happiness.

You would have heard the endlessly evolving single ‘Dojo Rising’, but have you seen it live? The band came in to FBi to play it live for the very first time in June, just before their Vivid Live shows:


The good news is that you can potentially experience the same thing in your own backyard, my friend. Oh yes…

In the band’s own words:

You supply the house & bbq, we’ll provide the budget (within reason) and the tunes. We’re all house trained and very respectful humans, so we won’t trash your place. Unless of course that’s what you want to do in which case let’s hit it.”

Alls you gotsta do is buy the album and buy some time. Heck, even buy some friends if you need to. Just make sure you invite me.

Apply here.

Dream Cave is out August 9 | FBi’s album of the week: 2.08.13 – 9.8.13

What: Dream Cave National Tour
Who: Cloud Control, Palms & Gang of Youths
When: Thursday 12th September, 8pm
Where: The Metro Theatre (ALL AGES GIG)
How Much: $38.90 here


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