Nick Griffiths

Something I Once Heard
March 11, 2022

Something I Once Heard is the sophomore record from singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nick Griffith. A playful and pliant reflection on its conceptual beginnings, Something I Once Heard carries forth a sunny European motif of the hotel rooms and cobblestone streets from which it was first forged. Yet the record’s lyricism is steeped in an unashamed frankness, discussing the transformative experiences of serious illness, relationships and the personal growth needed to overcome the in-betweens. Glistening moments of synth-pop, melodic percussion, and upbeat indie rock give way to Nick Griffith’s DIY prowess, with live drums and a wash of guitar blurring the boundaries of lo-fi pop and classic songwriting. Something I Once Heard affirms Nick Griffith’s skills as a talented writer and producer, projecting his honest but ultimately optimistic observations on a tumultuous period of his life.



Nilüfer Yanya

March 4, 2022

PAINLESS is the new record from British artist Nilüfer Yanya. A hypnotic blend of arpeggiated guitars, dry percussion, and ethereal vocals; PAINLESS is a calculated record that leaves space for Nilufer Yanya’s lyricism to cut through and express her ever-fluctuating internal dialogue. Signposting a facet of her heritage, several tracks feature the bağlama or saz: a stringed Turkish folk instrument that further propels the album’s considered arrangements. Soaring through elements of post-punk, 90’s alternative music and trip-hop, PAINLESS lands as a concise collection of impressionistic rock.


February 25, 2022

Squeeze is the visceral second album from L.A. singer songwriter SASAMI.  Following a gentle debut record, SASAMI turned down a more infernal path after a cathartic experience seeing a sludge metal band. The result is an unpredictable and unapologetic album that oscillates between hostile and euphoric moods; whether that be SASAMI leaning into the raucous angst of nu metal or the earnestness of country-tinged acoustic jams.  At first it’s easy to get swept up in the demonic chaos of Squeeze, however the record strips everything back for vulnerable moments of soft, fuzzed out guitars and SASAMI’s cutting lyrics. Squeeze expresses the euphoric peaks and moody lows that we all experience, being unafraid to wield seemingly opposing genres and sounds to capture SASAMI’s self-described ‘chaotic clown-y energy’.

Chakra Efendi

I of the Err
February 18, 2022

Chakra Efendi’s debut album I Of The Err is an eclectic, nostalgia-evoking exploration of DIY indie pop.
After a period of musical disenchantment and confusion, the Meanjin/Brisbane-based artist considered leaving music behind forever. However, during a prolonged period of isolation and reflection after returning to their hometown of Nambour in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Chakra Efendi underwent a creative rebirth. I Of The Err is an off-beat musical tapestry weaved of intimate voice memos and lo-fi demos rediscovered from old cracked phones, stitched together with studio recordings and reimaginings. Combining these recordings and samples of their past self with their renewed love for musical creation, Chakra Efendi has created a transportive and truly unique debut album.


Few Good Things
February 11, 2022

Few Good Things is the richly adorned and much anticipated third album from Chicago-born rapper Saba. Intrinsically connected to his roots, Saba’s largely collaborative record pushes for nostalgic pause and demands celebration of connection to place. An introspective deep dive, Few Good Things speaks to grief, ancestry, and the unanswerable nuances of self-doubt. Saba favours the playfulness of loose grooves, crackling vinyl textures, momentary sample-based climaxes and dreamy, prolonged moments of excess reverb. Treacly and tense in parts, often steeped in nostalgia, Saba’s Few Good Things is artfully self-produced. In his own words, “I never want to contribute to the noise of modern-day career. I want to be myself and do what I like and try to give people my authentic work and hope that that is enough.” Featuring tracks with Mereba, Black Thought, G Herbo and his fellow-Pivot Gang members, Saba renounces ownership and declares his record a shared story of humility.


February 4, 2022

Exhaust is the second album from Sydney bedroom indie experimentalist hyche.  Blending math rock guitars and fuzzy shoegaze textures with tightly cut, jungle-inspired breakbeats, hyche has created a fresh and unorthodox sound that still evokes a warm nostalgia. Written, recorded and produced in hyche’s bedroom during lockdown – between moving house, Uni work, endless Wikipedia scrolls and monotonous visits to Ashfield Mall – exhaust is an album as inspired by the restlessness and stagnation of life indoors, as it is the vicarious freedom of hearing someone chucking burnouts down the street.

FKA twigs

January 28, 2022

CAPRISONGS is the playful new mixtape from British avant-pop icon FKA twigs. Featuring a star-studded collection of FKA twigs’ biggest collaborations to date, CAPRISONGS sees the London artist team up with artists including The Weeknd, Shygirl, Jorja Smith and Daniel Caesar. After her deeply emotional record Magdalene, FKA twigs has pivoted to a more optimistic, Afrobeat-inflected sound on CAPRISONGS, with the artist herself referring to it as an album that’s perfect to listen to before hitting the club. FKA twigs continues to explore vulnerable themes of reclaiming and celebrating herself, her sensuality, freedom and togetherness. This continuation of previously explored themes paired with a newly focused club-oriented sonic palette makes CAPRISONGS FKA twigs’ most all-embracing release yet.

Various Artists

Pure Space: Proximity II (Compilation)
January 21, 2022
Iconic Sydney electronic music label and radio show Pure Space release the second instalment of their annual compilation series, Proximity II. Spanning from ethereal ambient soundscapes to rave-ready trance anthems and slick drum & bass cuts, Proximity II celebrates an impressive and wide array of local producers and styles. Featuring artists including electro stalwart Reptant, hard-dance proponent SLAMROSS1000, hybrid-club producer Moktar and cosmically inclined duo IN2STELLAR (among many others), Proximity II is a cerebral collection of intricately crafted tracks that are as suited to the dancefloor as they are for deep listening at home.
100% of proceeds from the purchase of the compilation will go to the Aboriginal Legal Service in Redfern.


Blak Matriarchy
December 10, 2021

Blak Matriarchy is the highly anticipated debut EP from Malyangapa, Barkindji rapper, BARKAA. Having already established herself as a masterful storyteller with a unique, characteristically fierce and rapid-fire delivery, BARKAA’s new EP cements her place as one of the most vital figures in local hip-hop. An embodiment and celebration of BARKAA’s Matriarchal Ancestors, her family and Blak Women throughout the generations, Blak Matriarchy is a heartfelt testament to independence and a staunch indictment of the colonial mindset.

Milan Ring

I'm Feeling Hopeful
December 3, 2021

I’m Feeling Hopeful is the stunning new album from prolific Sydney artist Milan Ring. A deeply respected and established member of Sydney’s music community, Milan Ring has developed a reputation as a sought after collaborator and creative visionary both at home and abroad. On this, her debut album, Milan Ring plays the role of singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and mix engineer, unifying her widespread talents to deliver a poignant and cohesive 14-track odyssey. Exploring themes of inward and outward love, relationships, control and freedom, the critical mind, depression, desire and addiction, I’m Feeling Hopeful sees Milan Ring interrogate differing perspectives on the human experience; finally arriving at a considered but optimistic outlook. In her own words: “When we allow our minds to run rampant we often hurt ourselves, those around us and those around them in the process. But in these moments we always have the choice to break through the negative dialogue and lean into love, forgiveness and gratitude. It isn’t easy, but life is a blessing and I’m feeling hopeful.”