And on Friday Arvos, Hearts Aglow – Weyes Blood on FBi

June 21st 2023

  • :: Weyes Blood on Friday Arvos

Since its highly anticipated release in late 2022, Natalie Merling’s fifth studio album under the Weyes Blood moniker  continues to resonate with an unwavering intensity. Her ethereal melodies and introspective lyrics explore themes of change and human connection, creating a transcendent chamber-pop experience.

In Sydney for Vivid, Natalie caught up with Ruby Miles on Friday Arvos to chat about the album, live shows, and how the world around her constantly informs her music. 

Amidst a rapidly shifting and fragmented society, Natalie emphasises the importance of acknowledging change and the ways in which we navigate it.

“I just think change is kind of this inevitable theme that we all experience over the course of our lives, and kind of how you cope with those changes versus you know, being excited, or disappointed, you know there’s so much of a wide range of experience that comes just from inherent change.” 

If you’ve ever attended one of her live shows, the mesmerising glow-heart dress worn by Natalie undoubtedly captivated your gaze, as she gracefully dances across the stage, serenading the audience while emanating a radiant aura. Previously performing in suits, Natalie felt like this tour was the right time to graduate to some new costuming.

“You know I’ve just performed predominantly in suits and I’ve kept things very masculine, that’s like kind of my comfort zone, so graduating to something more ethereal and feminine and also kind of like a Cirque Du Soleil level of costuming and technology was a big leap, but I think extremely fun.” 

A self-proclaimed retro horror movie buff, Natalie revealed how she draws inspiration from the evocative and dramatic soundscapes found within their scores.

“I really love horror scores because it’s kind of the only outlet in the mainstream for more experimental music to have kind of a, you know, a home, so I think that was kind of my original attraction… But also now they’ve kind of become our medium for social commentary, which I find really fascinating that out of all the different genres of film horror films seems to be the area that people are trying to say the most.”

To wrap things up, Ruby asked Natalie to describe her perfect day.

“A perfect day… a good swim in a lake, in a river, in the ocean. You know, kind of getting your ya ya’s outside. Maybe having a little jam on the piano, or guitar, singing a song or doing a little karaoke, cooking a big meal, and then making love somewhere special.”

Gracing Sydney with two live shows earlier this month as part of Vivid 2023, Natalie Merlin aka Weyes Blood continues on her global tour, sharing her gorgeously haunting psych-folk sound to audiences around the world. If you missed it, you can stream And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow below, and listen back to the full interview with Ruby up top.