Watch Half High perform an extraterrestrial soundtrack for Ears Have Ears Live

May 19th 2016

Photography: Britt Andrews

“You don’t need to study it, to learn it … to make a particular type of music.”

For the second instalment of Ears Have Ears Live, extra-terrestrial drone duo Half High performed an experimental soundtrack for an intimate audience at FBi.

The two musicians, Matthew P. Hopkins and Lucy Phelan, are turning their backs on conventional musicianship. Instead, they explore new and innovative techniques in creating music. Half High delve into an ultra-modern sound, focusing on experimental electronic music as a new extension of punk.

One of their long time fans is RIP Society founder, Nic Warnock. After the performance, Nic led a Q&A that unpacked their creative process and explored thoughts on Sydney’s experimental music scene.

Watch highlights from the show below. Listen back to the full performance and discussion on the EHE Podcast.

Ears Have Ears with Brooke Olsen is FBi Radio’s experimental music show. Hear it every Thursday from 9-11pm.



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