VIDEO PREMIERE: It’s Sydney’s Goodside with ‘I’ve Been Feeling Something Lately’

May 23rd 2019

Goodside 2019

Image credit: Lewis Demertzi 

It’s a tale as old as time: Girl likes boy; Boy barely knows Girl exists; photocopying. The new vid for ‘I’ve Been Feeling Something Lately’, debut single from Sydney dream-poppers Goodside, captures getting lost in possibility when fawning over your workplace crush.

Shot in a Wes Andersonian style with a DIY slant, the video starts in an office. Mundane tasks match the bored, zestless faces of the employees completing them. Everything is tinged blue as guitars, hi hats and snare drums shimmer in the opening. Lead singer Casey Logemann, sighs in slo-mo at her co-worker crush while he punches numbers into a calculator. Slowed down, everything he does appears in a new light. We swoon as hard as she does.

We then move through a montage of brightly hued, imagined romantic escapades with the newly coupled sweethearts basking in each others’ company. He laughs enthusiastically, maybe a little too enthusiastically. It becomes more caricature than candid.

Soon enough Casey’s reverie reverts back to polite, awkward reality; niceties masking a caged desire. 

Goodside have been etching their presence into Sydney’s music scene recently, playing plenty and snagging some higher profile support slots. The band has serious Sydney pedigree too – it’s made up of past and present members of Phantastic Ferniture, Ultracrush, Gypsys of Pangea, Boysnlove, Tesse, and Julia Jacklin‘s live band.

‘I’ve Been Feeling Something Lately’ is a strong debut from an exciting prospect, and this video illustrates the song’s eponymous Feeling perfectly.



WHO: Goodside w/ Harley Mavis + Ainsley Farrell
WHAT: ‘I’ve Been Feeling Something Lately’ Single Launch
WHEN: Tuesday 28 May
WHERE: Waywards at the Bank Hotel, Newtown
PRICE: Free entry


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