Track Premiere: MAST ‘Transcendence/Loves Metamorphosis Theme’ [Alpha Pup Records]

September 21st 2016


  • MAST :: Transcendence / Loves Metamorphosis Theme


MAST is Tim Conley: composer, producer and jazz-trained multi-instrumentalist. The Philadelphia-raised, now LA-based artist is releasing his new album Love and War_ on October 7th via Alpha Pup Records. With guest spots ranging from Brainfeeder’s Taylor McFerrin to virtuoso bassist Tim Lefebvre and Philly 10-piece jazz outfit, the Fresh Cut Orchestra, it’s 17 tracks of exciting, challenging, world class composition.

Split across three ‘acts’, Love and War_ is an exploration of Conley’s tumultuous and event-filled love life over the past two years. Act 1 explores the beauty of a newfound love. And yes, you guessed it: Act 2 is about losing that love – through a series of substance abuse issues, deception and unhealthy coping mechanisms. For the finale, Act 3 comes a lesson in letting go, healing and eventually discovering a deeper, lasting love.

We’re fortunate enough to premiere the closing track in Act 3, ‘Transcendence/Love Metamorphosis Theme’. It’s a gentle, swirling, almost meditative masterpiece. Listen above.

Love and War_ was mixed and mastered by the godfather of LA’s flourishing beat scene, Daddy Kev. Recently nominated for a Grammy for his production work with Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus, Daddy Kev is the label head of Alpha Pup Records, and co-founder of the legendary Low End Theory club night.


ACT 1 – Love
1. Loves Metamorphosis Theme
2. The Rendezvous (feat Anwar Marshall)
3. You, every second minute hour day
4. The Temptation (feat Marta Bagratuni)
5. She’s Chasing the Dragon (feat Fresh Cut Orchestra)

ACT 2 – War
6. The Sorrow
7. The Breakup (feat Ryat)
8. The Night Drive (feat Tim Lefebvre and Josh Johnson)
9. The Downward Spiral (feat. Brian Marsella)
10. The Letting Go (feat. Taylor McFerrin)
11. On the Prawl again, again (feat. Louis Cole and Gavin Templeton)
12. Should’ve Swiped Left (feat. the Koreatown Oddity)

ACT 3 – Transcendence
13. A New Love
14. Feels (feat Nigel Sifantus)
15. Me and You (feat Andrée Belle)
16. The Liberation (feat Makaya McCraven)
17. Transcendence / Loves Metamorphosis Theme