Love, dating, yearning and whatever else lies in between – Tiffi on The Snacc Pacc

October 11th 2023

  • The Snacc Pacc :: 23/09/23 - Live w Tiffi

Uncensored, raw, and oddly familiar is tiffi’s ability to capture moments in adolescence that feel like a slice of your favourite coming-of-age movie, or a note out of your very own diary. Love, dating, yearning and whatever else lies in between the uncharted territory of someone reluctantly arriving at the doorstep of young adulthood is something that tiffi has grown to effortlessly capture throughout her years of releasing music.

Five days out from the release of their EP dating pool, the emerging western Sydney pop-star jumped on The Snacc Pacc with Del to talk about being raised in Fairfield as Taiwanese-Australian, growing up on the internet, relationships, and of course her upcoming EP.

Spending the hour tapping into some of her earliest releases, tiffi reflected on her journey from her Soundcloud and ukelele days to now.

“I listen back to the old songs I wrote and I don’t think I could write something like that ever again, because it’s so special – it’s like a snapshot in time of who I was and what I was thinking.”
“When I sing those songs it feels like I’m singing somebody else’s songs, but I love them… I honoured who I was at the time.”

It’s hard not to be drawn to tiffi’s unfiltered authenticity. She’s an artist that’s brutally honest about dating and self esteem, all the while upholding the ability to tackle all of the other bs that life throws at you. Slow and melancholic instrumentals are just the cherry on top of her raw vocals that accommodate her deeply introspective & unfortunately relatable lyricism (free us from the dating trenches!!!).

dating pool is best described by the 20-year-old singer-songwriter as her “final goodbye to her bedroom pop era”, which made this episode all the more special for us, as we farewell the old tiffi and make room for whatever the bona-fide artist has in store for us next. Whether you’ve been with tiffi since her debut single ‘peppermint smiles’ or stumbled upon her through more recent singles like ‘hoodie’ & ‘bored’ –  it’s safe to say she’s spearheading the next wave of upcoming Australian artists.

Listen back to tiffi’s full interview with Del on The Snacc Pacc up top. Also, you can catch tiffi performing live as part of SXSW Sydney on Thu Oct 19 and Sat Oct 21, details here. Stream her new EP dating pool below.