The Avalanches Reveal Album Number Three Is Due Out “Definitely Soon”

May 26th 2017

  • The Avalanches :: Arvos with Tommy Codling


Ahead of their epic block party for Vivid LIVE, The Avalanches dropped by the FBi studios to guest-program some of their favourite tracks. Talking with Tommy Codling, the sonic scientists filled us in on working with Danny Brown, what makes the perfect sample and casually revealed that album number three is on its way – sooner rather than later.


Chatting through the process behind their sample-heavy sound, the DJ collective just know when they’ve struck sonic gold:

“It’s just like a fragment or a moment, a feeling in a record. It might be a space between sections or a chord change… something that Tony and I both recognise that captures a certain feeling. We don’t even really have to talk about it anymore, we just know it.”


Despite the hype around their long awaited follow up, Robbie and Tony weren’t too fussed on how Wildflower was going to be received, but they were amazed by the positive feedback:

“People really connected with the music after such a long journey for us. The real reward for us was just getting it out there, because there were so many times we just didn’t think it was going to happen.”


The good news is that we won’t be waiting another decade for a follow up. A new album is already in the works:

“In the few weeks since we’ve been home from the States, me and Tony have just been writing. It’s flowing so quickly. I think getting Wildflower out of the way and following up Since I Left You feels like a weight’s been lifted. The [new] music is really light, it’s some of the best stuff we’ve done.”


On when it’ll be out, The Avalanches had this to say:

“We’ve got eight songs we’re playing to the label on Monday. Who knows when [they’ll be out]? Next year? It’s definitely soon.”


Listen to the full interview above. You might even catch Tony’s phone number.


WHO: The Avalanches, DJ Shadow, Briggs, Sampa The Great & DJ JNETT
WHAT: The Avalanches Since I Left You Block Party
WHEN: May 27 – 28
WHERE: Sydney Opera House
HOW MUCH: $129 + bf. More info here


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