Tara Jayne of Canine talks punx, inclusivity and dog years on Dead Air

April 5th 2019

Alice Gifford and TJ from Canine

  • Tara Jayne from Canine :: Interview on Dead Air

Canine are a highly talented, scene-dedicated, well travelled and criminally under-appreciated highlight of the Sydney punk scene. Alice and Dean were stoked to have vocalist Tara Jayne in the studio Monday night to guest program Dead Air, and to talk about their long awaited LP launch shows.

Regular listeners to Dead Air would be no strangers to Canine. One of their best riffs heralds each week’s episode in the Dead Air theme. Dead Air has premiered three songs from just-released LP ‘In Dog Years You’re Dead‘ and Alice and Dean regularly preface any mention of them on the show with “best band.”

In chatting with Tara Jayne, it’s clear that support and solidarity are foundational to what makes Canine work as a band. Questions inviting self-promotion are met with uncomfortable answers, but conversation about appreciation and allyship, holding each other up or amplifying marginalised voices within and outside of the band flow effortlessly.

Tara Jayne’s description of the recording process of ‘In Dog Years You’re Dead’ reflects this too.

“With the LP we all flew up to Brisbane and recorded with our friend Chris Brownbill, who you all may know from playing in one of the best bands on planet earth, IDYLLS… We just had such a beautiful time together. We had a big slumber party at the studio, we all dragged our mattresses together and had a little sleepover for a week… I just love everyone in that band so much so it’s really nice to have that experience together.”

With record label One Brick Today, TJ strives to continually challenge “ideas around stereotyped gender roles, entitlements to space, pulling into question people’s intentions and trying to challenge people already involved in booking and promoting and organising.” Aside from releasing the Canine LP in association with Black Wire Records, One Brick Today has been responsible for touring and releasing music by HIRS, Diploid, Snape and RVIVR.

The ‘In Dog Years You’re Dead’ launch at 96 Tears – an all-ages DIY space in Marrickville – is both a perfect illustration of Canine’s ethic of inclusivity and an unashamed “total mates-fest”.

“Having Arafura be part of the show was top of everyone in the band’s list when we were brainstorming bands. Just a very important band that is existing now… (vocalist) Aisyiyah, their words and everything they stand for and talk about and the way they articulate themselves is just wonderful and I want them to take up all of the space, always.”

Listen back up top to the whole interview and to a razor sharp guest program. Then watch Canine’s first official music video below. THEN get along to possibly the most inclusive LP launch in Marrickville history. No excuses!


WHAT: In Dog Years You’re Dead LP Launch – ALL AGES
WHO: Canine w/ Arafura, Puremass + Histamine
WHEN: Sat 6 April, 7pm
WHERE: 96 Tears, 9 Gerald St M’ville
HOW MUCH: $10 (suggested) but no one turned away for lack of $$$
All money raised will be split between the Anti-Colonial Asian Alliance and FIRE. For more info head to the FB event


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