“People don’t perceive it as ironic anymore.” Swan Meat chats maximalism on 10 Foot Heavy with Rina Evangaline

March 2nd 2023

  • Swan Meat :: Interview with Rina Evangeline on 10 Foot Heavy

Swan Meat’s style has been referred to as ‘medieval rave’ before. She’s a music producer, DJ, and games composer, and on Sunday she flew from Cologne, Germany to join Rina Evangaline on 10 Foot Heavy – delving into her love of musical maximalism and the end of the cheese era.

Swan Meat started making music as a stress relief in college, producing on-the-go using Ableton. Lockdown finally gave her time to “form her own voice,” resulting in an innovative and genre-defying approach to electronic music.

” I didn’t come into my own as a producer until Covid.”

Swan Meat is an unapologetic maximalist. Growing up in the melting-pot of online music streaming, she built up an impressively diverse body of knowledge that has informed her music ever since. From math rock and punk to the soundtracks of Assassin’s Creed and Pirates of the Caribbean. By blending these influences, she creates a fusion of diverse elements, resulting in a sound that is as eclectic as it is infectious. Swan Meat’s adventurous approach to producing is evident in every track she creates, taking listeners on a sonic journey they won’t soon forget.

“Thanks to the internet I built up a really diverse body of knowledge.”
“I never want to stop making maximalist music.”

Swan Meat is grateful for the current state of music culture, which she sees as a post-cheese, post-irony world where audiences are much more accepting of a broad range of musical styles. In this environment, she feels that her “bombastic” approach to music production is appreciated for what it is – a genuine expression of her interests and creative vision, rather than being dismissed as cheesy or ironic. As a result, Swan Meat’s music is able to flourish in a way that may have been much harder to achieve in the past. She is excited to be part of this new wave of creative exploration and to continue pushing the limits of what dance music can be.

“People don’t perceive it as ironic anymore, they’re like ‘no, this person is writing these string sections because they are genuinely interested in capturing the cinematic sound.”

Swan Meat’s maximalist approach to music production is an infectious fusion of disparate elements, blazing new trails in the world of dance music, Swan Meat leads her listeners on a thrilling sonic adventure. With her innovative and genre-defying approach to electronic music, Swan Meat has firmly established herself as one to watch in the music industry. Listen to her full interview with Rina Evangaline up top, or stream her latest mix, ‘SWAN MEaTS FRED AGAIN..’ below.