SUITSPIRATION: Your musical style guide for Goodgod’s 4th Birthday

September 25th 2014

goodgod coaster

We love birthdays here at FBi, and we love love Sydney’s own international Small Club, Goodgod. They’re turning four! Woah!Since 2010, Goodgod have been taking care of (party) business in the CBD – so fittingly, the theme is SUITS. Button up your best business shirt and pen this one into your schedule. It’s time to suit up.

2014 has been a massive year for the club, saying goodbye to The Dip and welcoming the Jonkanoo Jerk House – as well as hosting hundreds of events with fantastic live performances and DJ sets! And of course, their upcoming birthday celebrations will be no different, bringin’ the party in true Goodgod form on Sunday, October 5.

As always, the Goodgod House Band, presented by Siberia Records, will play all the classic tunes, while Alex Cameron (Seekae) graces the Goodgod stage for a late-night set. When you’re not pulling shapes to Ariane, Astral DJs, Champain Lyf, Drongo, Mike Who, Nacho Pop, Power Suit, Shantan Wantan Ichiban & Tyson Koh, of course!

So how does one dress to impress in suit attire? How do you go from that guy at the year 10 formal in a bright-pink suit with matching top hat and cane that was so hilarious for about 15 minutes, to fitted suit perfection?

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of options to have you looking just the right amount of class – with some musical legends for your suitspiration…



The Classic Suit

There’s no question that Nick Cave is one of the best-dressed men in rock ‘n’ roll. You can easily adopt this classic look with the suaveness of the man himself – spruce it up with a tie, or let that chest hair catch the breeze.



The Office Suit

International in flavour and cosmopolitan in style – Client Liaison are pioneers in the fashion game. You too can make a rough day at the office look funky as hell. Tweed vests are a must, and the more off-yellow the tie the better.



The White on White on White Suit

I know what you’re thinking – ‘why don’t I look that good riding solo on my two-seat bicycle?’ Well, it’s because you’re not wearing a pristine white suit nearly as much as you should. You’re also not Donny Benet, but there’s not much we can do about that. White suits ooze class, sophisticated lovin’ guaranteed.*

*We actually can’t guarantee this, because again – you’re not Donny Benet, dang.



The Female Suit

Ladies, you are not exempt from the Suit dress code. Janelle Monae kills it in a classic black and white number, and still maintains optimum dancing ability. Plus we have options; shoulder pads, bow tie, no-tie, pencil skirt, heels, animal print – werk it gurl.



The Disco Suit

The aim here is to resemble a human disco ball. You want to be catching all the light in the room, and in turn capture the attention of everyone in attendance, you Disco King/Queen. Daft Punk helmets are optional, sequins are a given.



The Denim Suit

Two words. Never Forget.



WHAT: Goodgod Birthday – Taking Care of Business ‘SUITS’
WHERE: Goodgod Small Club, 53-55 Liverpool St, Sydney
WHEN: Sunday, October 5 – 9pm till late



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