Step out of bounds with No Intent on The Snacc Pacc

April 29th 2021

  • No Intent :: Interview on The Snacc Pacc

Pairing psychedelic visuals and gritty hip-hop, with punching lyrics touching on drugs, alcohol, corruption and capitalism, No Intent are the hip-hop duo that don’t fear the consequences of stepping out of bounds. The duo stopped by to chat to Del and Bek on The Snacc Pacc.

After a 6 year music hiatus, Stevey Slice and Isidora Vuceta rebirthed themselves as No Intent, becoming artists who not only supplied the vibes, but did it all while tackling some real and daunting topics. They released their first EP as a duo, ‘Shade’ in 2019, before recuperating once again, and dropping their debut album ‘Out Of Bounds’ amidst the pandemic last year. Speaking about the process, they said:

“We finally ended up getting some proper equipment and a proper place to record…So when we finally got it, we dropped our EP ‘Shade’ in 2019. The following year we did an album, ‘Out Of Bounds’ – we recorded that in our little home studio that we set up during COVID ‘cos we both lost a lot of work so we thought, let’s just take this free time and make a fucking awesome album.”

Being the product of a fierce line of Filipino and Serbian ancestry, Stevey and Isidora reflected on how their music and their culture are interlaced.

“We try to rep our cultures as much as we see fit…we’re Australian, we grew up here but we also kind of grew up separately in our own homes and we have both cultures mixed in within us and naturally have that in the music, because that’s just who we are…”

Pondering on that same sentiment, and partnering cultural influences with their upbringing in Western Sydney, the group said:

“Growing up in Western Sydney…there’s a world that is untapped, like there’s so many ethnic groups in our areas…and they all get along, that’s the beauty of it. No one takes their cultural troubles from their motherlands back here, everyone finds peace here and I think that’s kind of where the world should be going.”

Their debut album ‘Out Of Bounds’ is an eclectic, and manic merging of jazz, hip hop, funk, reggae and rock, narrating the inner workings of two kids living between two ‘homes’ – that of their motherlands, and of Western Sydney. Through intricate storytelling, they unveil a raw depiction of life, delivering gutsy commentary on issues of greed, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, and the process of finding the beauty amongst the rubble.

“We tried to really reflect the borders that society has enforced upon all of us creatives and individuals, and hopefully empower our listeners to join us and cross this barrier…there’s always a balance in life, you can’t always look at the good side, you gotta look at the bad side.”

The crew have been keeping busy lately, hustling out music and stacking up the archives. Their latest single ‘Lucy’, is a slick, old school hip-hop/bounce track that smoothly generates the funk and groove, all while telling a murky tale about outwitting the devil.

During their stint on The Snacc Pacc, No Intent premiered a special track called ‘Perish’, a song they vowed to never publicly release, exclusive only to live shows and now to the ears of the FBi audience. Listen back to the track’s premiere & No Intent’s full chat with Del & Bek up top!

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