September 13th 2023

IMAGE: Vv Pete
IMAGE BY: Virginia Barahona

Thursday September 14


WHO: Deepa
WHEN: 5pm
WHERE: Powerhouse, Ultimo
HOW MUCH: Free, details here

Friday September 15

Club Angel w/ Baschoe // BRIA

WHO: Club Angel, Baschoe, BRIA
WHEN: 9pm
WHERE: Civic Underground, Sydney
HOW MUCH: From $29.90, tickets here

Fridays at 77 w/ Ciara // Moopie // Deepa

WHO: Ciara, Moopie, Deepa
WHEN: 8pm
WHERE: Club 77, Darlinghurst
HOW MUCH: Free, details here

Eighty-Six ft. Badger & CABU

WHO: Badger, Cabu, SILLYBITCHESDIE, Matt Brockman, BXVKE, Myledo, + many more
WHEN: 10pm
WHERE: Abercrombie Hotel, Chippendale
HOW MUCH: From $26.51, tickets here

Tiali w/ WCB // Lucy Lowe

WHO: Tiali, WCB, Lucy Lowe
WHEN: 7:30pm
WHERE: Low 302, Surry Hills
HOW MUCH: $17.10, tickets here

Alicia Varas @ Real Festival

WHO: Alicia Varas
WHEN: 5pm
WHERE: Real Festival, Tench reserve, Penrith
HOW MUCH: Free, details here

Saturday September 16

Best Served Loud w/ Vv Pete // Becca Hatch // SOLLYY // Isaac Puerile

WHO: Vv Pete, Becca Hatch, SOLLYY, Isaac Puerile
WHEN: 5pm
WHERE: Albion Hotel, Parramatta
HOW MUCH: Free, details here

No Cents

WHO: AR The Eternal, Gian Santoro, GDC, Emefbanx, Kobee Nooks
WHEN: 7:30pm
WHERE: Chippo Hotel, Chippendale
HOW MUCH: From $10, tickets here

Sailing Beats

WHO: Salem, Lady Chika, E.T. Le Createur, Uncle Bif, Yenzi, Dinka Mafia, Tee Soul, Big Naro
WHEN: 7pm
WHERE: King Street Wharf 6, Sydney
HOW MUCH: From $20.18, tickets here

Sleep.D w/ anusha // Unsolicited Joints // Tangela b2b AMUWA

WHO: Sleep D, anusha, Unsolicited Joints, Tangela b2b Amuwa
WHEN: 5pm
WHERE: Carousel, Level 2, 163-169 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst
HOW MUCH: $35.00, tickets here

ACE at Dusk: Exchange 23 Art Party

WHO: June Jones, Patrick Li, Sienna Acquaro, Serwah Attafuah, Rainer Ciar, Amy Flannery, Annais Gallo, Nina Gotsis, Gillian Kayrooz, Lost All Sorts, Charbel Nehme, Akala Newman, Jerrah Patston, Pasko Schravemade, Aether Tabris, Sam Worrad, Jonathan Yung, Adoni
WHEN: 6pm
WHERE: Arts & Cultural Exchange (ACE), Parramatta
HOW MUCH: $27.78, tickets here

Radar sounds pres: Mefri Ghana *Y3NKO SA SERIES*

WHO: Top Phorm, Radar Sounds, Epaphras Amoah
WHEN: 9:30pm
WHERE: Alcatraz, Annandale
HOW MUCH: From $26.11, tickets here

Club 77 In Residence w/ DJ PGZ // Naycab b2b WVCHWY // RONA.

WHEN: 6pm
WHERE: Club 77, Darlinghurst
HOW MUCH: Free, details here

Big Thick Energy

WHO: Fried Pork Chop, Demon Derriere, Wombat Cereal, Rainbow, Barbi Ghanoush, Mohammed Awed, Demon’s ASSassins, + many more
WHEN: 8pm
WHERE: Riverside Theatre, Parramatta
HOW MUCH: From $45.00, tickets here

Oxford Art Factory 16th Birthday

WHO: Perfect Actress, Cash Savage & The Last Drinks, The Southern River Band, Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys, Velvet Trip, Girl and Girl, Smooch, Jet City Sports Club, GIMMY, Cong Josie and The Hell Racers, Maxine Gillon, O.M.R, Psychedelic Soul Afterparty With King O.P.P, DJ Buz, Goldie Fawn B2B Wicked Lady, + many more
WHEN: 7pm
WHERE: Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst
HOW MUCH: Free, details here


WHO: Kavi, Babitha, Georgia Mulligan, Pyjama Sundayz, Poolroom., Mega Fäuna, Barley Passable, Maia Toakley, Court Jester, Ellen The Generous, Discgus, Spindos
WHEN: 1pm
WHERE: The House Of Music and Booze, St Peters
HOW MUCH: From $39.80, Tickets here

feedtime w/ Chimers

WHO: feedtime, Chimers
WHEN: 7:30pm
WHERE: Marrickville Bowlo, Marrickville
HOW MUCH: $28.60, tickets here

Sunday September 17

Wrong Turn w/ Scruffs // Zzarni // estoypablo x n0skcaj // Ali basta

WHO: Scruffs, Zzarni, estoypablo x n0skcaj, Ali basta
WHEN: 5pm
WHERE: Doc Sprocket etc., Newtown
Ticket: Free, details here


WHEN: 3pm
WHERE: Franks Wild Years, Thirroul
HOW MUCH: From $15, tickets here

Sundays at 77 w/ Eko-System // Mondowun // + More

WHO: Eko-System, Mondowun, + More
WHEN: 8pm
WHERE: Club 77, Darlinghurst
HOW MUCH: Free, details here

North Gong Sundays w/ Salarymen // Second Idol // LipLine // Mac Tango

WHO: Salarymen, Second Idol, LipLine, Mac Tango
WHEN: 4pm
WHERE: Northgong Hotel, Wollongong
HOW MUCH: Free, details here







Soundcheck is made possible thanks to Inner West Council.


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