Meet Breakfast Road, Western Sydney’s realest boyband

April 9th 2021


  • Breakfast Road :: Interview on The Snacc Pacc

Blacktown is such a diverse, talented, unique spot. With that much talent in one area, many sounds are oozing out, just waiting to jump onto the airwaves. With an experimental indie sound with influences including Blink 182, One Direction and many more, Breakfast Road demand your attention.

Amandip, Pete and Briant (the holy trinity of the BR) have been smashing out tune after tune ever since their inception at ye ol’ school days. Speaking about their origins to Del and Bek on The Snacc Pacc, Pete said:

“Me and Aman were best friends since Year 1 and he just started playing the drums, out of nowhere. And in Year 6, I played saxophone and he was playing the drums…Basically, that was the period of time in Year 6. Year 9, me and Briant were in the same music class and he started playing Blink 182 on his guitar, and I was like “Oh My God, I love Blink too!”… So then we decided we wanted to do the school talent show. I was a drummer, and then I was like, “No, I wanna sing and he wants to sing, so let’s do a Blink 182 thing.” And then out of nowhere Aman started playing the drums and it just all lined up perfectly!”

Right now, the boys have been experimenting with their sounds. From grunge punk rock moments to indie mystical riffs, they haven’t failed to show their talents and flexibility as artists.

“I wanted to be a bit more genuine with expression and stuff. I was sick of being a ‘rock’ band and ‘whatever’ band. There are too many restrictions on us… I wanted to take everything that people made fun of us for like, being too feminine, you know being a boyband…Now it’s boyband, PINK!”

Unifying the community with a sweet tune is a massive achievement. Breakfast Road’s latest single, ‘Don’t Wait (feat. Zion Garcia)’ has been met with so much praise and happiness from the area! Keep an eye out for this golden trio, ‘cause from here on out, it’s coming up Milhouse!

Check out Breakfast Road’s full interview with The Snacc Pacc as well as the new track in full up top!

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