Remi & Sampa The Great On Collaboration, Public Sleeping & Pitbull

July 3rd 2017

  • Sampa the Great and Remi :: Interview with Chris Twite

If some strange hypothetical talent show was accepting nominations for the face of soul inflected Australian hip hop, Sydney would put forth Sampa the Great and Melbourne would select Remi. The trio are the pre-eminent faces of rap within a musical community of world-beating jazz, soul and electronica.

The collaboration between Sampa, MC Remi, and producer Sensible J is a musical blessing. Kicking off their joint national tour with a sold out show at Oxford Art Factory, the ‘Fire Sign’ Tour is the culmination of longstanding mutual admiration.

“Probably since we first started kicking it we all wanted to make music together. I mean, we just wanted to hang out, wanted to make as much music together as possible…we connect on so many different levels,” says Remi.

Chatting with Chris Twite on Arvos, their connection is plain and clear. Listen above to hear stories of falling asleep at the club, meeting heroes and sweet fades.