Aussie Artists Pick Their 2011 Favourites

January 11th 2012


Image by James Myers 

With the New Year’s Day Gin-overs and party popper carcasses long dustpanned away, muggy minds Australia-wide are much clearer and better equipped to reflect on the year of music from our own backyards. Australian artists brushed up well this year, cranking mind-blowing, toe-tapping, knee-slapping tunes across the country from the grungiest of garages to the slickest of studio spaces.

But what of the artists themselves? Which Aussie tunes got the most spins on Catcall’s stereo? Which albums made Tiger Choir sing? Which Aussie artists can’t get enough of Geoffrey O’Connor?

Local Fidelity’s Lee Tran Lam rounded up a cache of Australian best of’s from the mouths of Catcall, Melodie Nelson, A Casual End Mile, The Townhouses and more! Check out a year in focus from these bright and shiny music makers, as well as Lee Tran’s own picks from 2011.




I reckon these two were the best for me:

Royal Headache – Royal Headache
Melodie Nelson – Melodie Nelson

Both of these albums had high rotation for me, both are simple, perfect pop records, no pretense, just love.



Tiger Choir

For You – Oscar and Martin
We’re just jealous of their pop hooks.

The Cat – Ben Salter
Just great songwriting and production. Sam wouldn’t stop singing “I was up until daaaawn…” for about two months.

Process Praise – The Native Cats
The opening track is amazeballs. It’s weird and intriguing and sinister. Great lyrics, too.

+DOME – Seekae
I found it kinda relaxing to listen to.



Alek Nosek

Work (Work, Work) – HTRK
Colder and cleaner than previous album Marry Me Tonight – a very different beast. Still the perfect blend of otherworldly and sophistication.

Twerps – Twerps
Just timeless tunes. Will dominate the summer, I think.

Vanity Is Forever – Geoffrey O’Connor
Pitch perfect, contemplative and therapeutic listening …

The Luminous Ground – John Chantler
If I were lazy, I’d compare this to Keith Fullerton Whitman’s superb Generator cassette… I’m feeling lazy! Sorry John. So good, though.

Summers in Mariana – Stina
Light, tactile, playful. Feels like home… and I felt that before I read that she recorded each track in a different room of her home!



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