Premiere: Remix the House – Severed Heads, Dro Carey, Lucy Cliche & more take on the Sydney Opera House

June 1st 2017

Remix the House is a project that commissions local electronic artists to remix atmospheric noises captured within the Sydney Opera House.

Originally conceived at Vivid LIVE in 2015, artists including Seekae, Charles Murdoch and Victoria Kim put their own stamp on field recordings captured by Dro Carey and George Nicholas (Seekae).

Remix the House returns this year with a team of Australian electronic heroes turning in remixed sounds, originally collected by Dro Carey. Hear tracks from Severed Heads, Dro Carey, Lucy Cliche, FAKE and Nite Fleit below.

Remix the House 2017 – Part One


Catch all these artists and more performing live as part of Vivid Live 2017 at the Sydney Opera House.


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