MUNGMUNG chats gut feelings and Live from the Lab

August 18th 2022

  • MUNGMUNG, Dr. Alice Motion & Dr. Caitlin Cowan :: Interview with Lill Scott

Amidst the sparkle of National Science Week, clinical psychologist Dr. Caitlin Cowan and chemist Dr. Alice Motion have joined forces with hyperpop and R&B artist MUNGMUNG for Live from the Lab. The trio joined Lill on Up For It! to delve into the significance of nurturing interconnection between dualities we often see as disconnected. Like the body and mind, or science and the arts.

Our bodies are our homes. We’re often taught that the mind and the body are separated, that we should put ‘mind over matter’ to create exceptional things. But what if this separation were mere myth, doing more harm than good? These thoughts form the basis of MUNGMUNG’s track Garden Home which was the product of scientific collaboration.

Dr. Cowan researches how the microbiome in our gut is a key factor determining the quality of our mental health. During their Zoom speed-date for Live from the Lab, MUNGMUNG was struck by Dr Cowan’s analogy of our bodies being like a garden, remarking how this “hit home hard”

The resulting track from this interdisciplinary collab fizzes playfully with the necessity of balance and self-care, amidst euphoric synth melodies and bird-calls, grounded by witty lyrics and elastic bassline. 

“The lyrics go through self-growth, self-worth and your journey with it. You start from a moment where you may not be so sure of yourself; you may not have been taking care of yourself as well. And then you’re reflecting on that, being like yeah I used to be like that, but I’m not like that anymore.”

The poignant ecological core and drive of the work also expresses MUNGMUNG’s personal philosophy.

“I think everything is interconnected. Even in music, there’s scientific or mathematical elements that probably not many people will think about. If we strip it back to the creative aspect, inspiration comes from everywhere.”

MUNGMUNG’s use of biological and horticultural vocabulary within her lyrics is nothing short of legendary, and goes to show how nurturing the connection between seemingly disparate fields allows us to conceive new modes of healing and hence creation.

“The best scientists come from diverse backgrounds and draw on their diverse experiences to inform their work and bring their creativity to their science as well.

You can check out MUNGMUNG performing her track Garden Homes tonight at Manning Bar as a part of Live from the Lab. Fellow Eora artists FLOWERTRUCK, Gloomie, Kid Fiction and Ms. Thandi will also be performing tracks they’ve worked on with University of Sydney Scientists.

Check out MUNGMUNG’s chat on Up For It! up top (plus a sneak preview of Garden Homes) and details about tonight’s event below.

WHAT: Live from the Lab: Gig
WHO: FLOWERTRUCK, Gloomie, Kid Fiction, Ms. Thandi and MUNGMUNG
WHERE: Manning Bar, The University of Sydney
WHEN: Tonight, 7:30 – 10PM
HOW MUCH: Free. Register here.


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