No shade here: MOSSY debuts his new single on Mornings with Ben Hansen

September 30th 2021

  • MOSSY :: Interview with Ben Hansen

Jamie Timony has returned to the world of electro-pop as MOSSY with his new single ‘Shade’, debuting on Mornings with Ben Hansen.

The single marks a return to the project after nearly half a decade, during which Timony has fronted ‘These New South Wales’ and ‘NOCON’, started his own podcast ‘What a Great Punk’, and appeared in Netflix hit TV show ‘Clickbait’.

‘Shade’ is all catchy vocal melodies over a feel-good synth line that inspires such a dreamy soundscape that, much to Timony’s surprise, the track has been likened to Kate Bush’s beloved anthem ‘Running Up That Hill’.

“Look it’s a compliment, it was really confusing to me as well because it was honestly the first time I’d put those two things together.”

Timony created the synthline on a small portable keyboard, and his method of recording directly through the keyboard speaker into his laptop contributes to the dynamic instrumentals of the tune.

“It adds depth and dimension, so if you have a really nice sounding synth or you know like drum samples, then you’ve got this tinny or shitty thin poxy kind of keyboard thing going on then it’ll sit really nice frequency wise…they kinda compliment each other sometimes.”

It also highlights Mossy’s eagerness to experiment and push boundaries in his music, a trait particularly evident as he bounces around from project to project. This ability to effortlessly cross into new genres comes as no surprise considering the varying projects he’s been involved in during his career. While many MOSSY fans have discovered the music organically or come across from These New South Wales, Timony even maintains fans from his time acting in ‘H20: Just Add Water’.

“As long as their profile pic is them and not a picture of the cast of the show [of H20] I’m generally into it.”

With the precedent set by ‘Shade’, his upcoming album is definitely one to look out for. Listen to Ben Hansen’s full chat with MOSSY up the top.

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