Kimchi Princi & Slim Set flip Switch upside down

July 3rd 2017

  • Kimchi Princi & Slim Set :: Switch Mix

Slim Set – made up of DJ Atro and Dev on beats and bars respectively – and poetess Kimchi Princi are pals, frequent collaborators, and unique fixtures of Sydney’s dance and rap scenes. Both projects stamp the perspective of first-generation, millennial Australians on brave new club sounds, all best served straight to the dancefloor.

The raucous energy of the trio’s live presence has been bottled into an episode of Sandro Dallarmi’s Switch, with Dev and Kimchi letting loose over Atro’s hard-hitting productions live in the FBi Radio studio. Opening and closing with a little back-to-back DJing to show off their various flavours, it’s a team effort from three of Sydney’s best. The gang have been working on new ones which we’ll no doubt be hearing soon – you might even get a taste in the mix above.


Listen back to the full show here. Hear Switch live on FBi Radio: Fridays 10pm-midnight.


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