A bit of everything from Jonah Baseball on Sidechains

October 30th 2017

  • Jonah Baseball :: Sidechains

Detroit producer Jonah Baseball has been making waves with his forward thinking production both online and in his local scene. With a music style that is relatively sparse, his work is intriguing, incorporating a variety of samples from live and synthetic sources to create a funk club hybrid. This unique approach has garnered him love from big names like Lido, Wave Racer, Alison Wonderland and Goldlink.

Bringing this balancing act into the FBi Radio studios for Sidechains, Jonah Baseball samples a wide scope of genres, perfectly melding energetic beats with groovy melodies. Expect to hear everything from house to grime and trap to disco, as Jonah Baseball brings seemingly opposing genres together for a cohesive hour that will get you bopping.


Stream the whole show here. Tune in to Sidechains every Saturday from 10-12 to hear the extroverted, high-energy club music that no one else is touching.


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