Get a taste of Amy Axegale’s diverse club sounds for Sidechains

August 1st 2017

  • Amy Axegale :: Sidechains Mix


Amy Axegale (formally known as Zen) has been building a diverse body of work and exploring left of centre club sounds for a few years now, but surprisingly you might not have heard of him. Boasting a number of international collaborations with artists like Moistbreezy and Instupendo, his tunes sound like a mash up of industrial influences, Sad Boys and saccharine pop.

The Melbourne producer shared his many club influences with Sidechains and gave us a taste of his upcoming EP ‘More Than Just Friends’. He filled Denzel Sterling in on his new release, made up love stories and how “lit” his hometown scene is. Over the hour he draws from a mixed bag of techno, jersey, rap and baile funk showcasing the diverse sounds that inspire him.


Stream the whole show here. Tune into Sidechains on FBi Radio every Saturday from 10pm-12am.



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