Get lost in Roza Terenzi’s heady mix for Pure Space

August 31st 2017

After making music as Catlips in her hometown of Perth, producer and DJ Katie Campbell made the move to Melbourne, finding herself in the heart of Australia’s dark techno and house scene. Her relocation brought with it a new beginning, as she started releasing music under her new moniker Roza Terenzi. A stark change from the peppy house vibe of her last project, this new identity allowed Campbell to explore a darker and more diverse sound, taking cues from genres like breakbeat, electro and trance.

Previously, Roza Terenzi has had many of her unreleased tunes spun on Pure Space before. This time ’round, she’s programmed a whole hour of eerie electro and dark-sided techno beats. A self confessed lover of anything “bleepy”, her mix is packed full of nostalgic sequencers and undulating melodies over unrelenting rhythms.



Extreme -Trasparenza
Future DZ – Bongo 2cc
Lowfish – 8_op
2000 & One – Crystal
Vienna – Kulito (Ambient Version)
Phil Stroud – The Rain (Roza Terenzi Remix)
London Modular Alliance – Moonbase
Sandoz – Beam
Ismistik – Flow Charts
Get Fucked – Unreleased Kraut Jazz
Sunc 24 & Morphology – Bleeding Diodes
Obergman – Quantum Eraser
Lanark Artefax – Touch Absence
G-23 + Rivert – Loose Dogs Brexperiment
Ambien Baby – Cyclone


Stream the whole show here and tune in every Monday night from 9pm-11pm for  interdimensional house and cosmic techno, courtesy of Pure Space.


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