Pure Space chills out with a mix from Furious Frank

December 6th 2017


Although he’s been flying under the radar for a while now, the underground house scene is taking notice of Adelaide’s Furious Frank. His latest EP, ‘Magic Mountain’ out through Ken Oath Records has garnered local and international attention, showcasing his knack for snappy percussion and otherworldy synthesis.

Bringing some of his favourite wax along, Furious Frank joined Andy Garvey on Pure Space, spinning his most loved tracks – needle skips and all. In a little under an hour, the mix packs zany fills and nostalgic drum machines with plenty of brass samples and a driving beat you can’t help but move to.



Yu Su – Soon (Goa Mix)
Glenn Underground – Black Slaves = Israel
KGB – Detroit 909 (Rhythm of Paradise mix)
Gemini – I
Ewan Jansen – Erewhon
Second Language – The Party (Bluntman Deejay’s Mould Meditation)
Harmonius Thelonius – Blech
Icola – Diablerie 1
Loud-E – 2004 Time Machined
Andrew Weatherall – Kiyadub 47
Ahora – Mismo
Makoto Murakami – Mountain Skins 2 ( Luca Lozano + SJ Tequila acid no chishiki remix)
Drexciya – Cascading Celestial Giants

Stream back the rest of the show and interview here. Catch all the interdimensional house and cosmic techno of Pure Space every Monday from 9pm – 11pm.


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