Nostalgic meets futuristic in Pjenné’s dark Midday Mix

August 15th 2017

  • Midday Mix :: Pjenné


You wouldn’t pick it from listening to her Midday Mix, but Pjenné is relatively new to the DJ game. After spending years enjoying music from the other side of the booth, she’s now running dance floors from behind it – carving some of the most interesting electronic and world music into her sets. She thrives among an array of genres, and her adaptability has earned her a spot on many a line up across her town of Melbourne.

A master selector with an enviable record collection, Pjenné draws from some darker cuts of techno, funk and house for her Midday Mix. The hour feels both nostalgic and futuristic, as percussive polyrhythms ebb away under old school synths. Diverse sounds fit alongside each other perfectly as Pjenné plays with experience beyond her years.


Listen back to the whole episode here. Tune into the Midday Mix to start the weekend vibes early, every Friday from 12pm to 1pm.


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